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  1. Just do what I do and bootleg everything. All the serials you need you can get at: WAREZ (make sure you scan your pc for viruses after downloading anything) >). I use Photoshop(which I got legitimately ). I would also recommend Bryce 5 if you want a kick ass 3D look going on with your sig picture and/or avatar. I also kind of use Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro and I got ahold of 3DSMAX(dont ask me how). Just download everything off of WAREZ [Edited and warned for references to and instructions on obtaining warez]
  2. It seems noone at all here in these forums, has even tried to make a sig like mine. Try it, its funny, because you know since you post everywhere everyone will see it(in my case giving the finger, which the admins might not like, but hey who cares). I can make some fucked up sig pictures aswell. Im gonna try and make a Dodge Viper one and splice it with my finger one. Itll rule just the same if not more.
  3. Take my sig for instance, me giving the finger. Pretty simple. Shows that I dont give a gently caress because Im from generation Y. Just take a picture of yourself doing something that you like to do like I did and make it your sig photo.
  4. Holy shit that rules!! Maybe Ill make something similar but with a shark tooth or something. IF ANYONE TAKES THAT IDEA AND MAKES IT HAPPEN, ILL KILL YOU. Anyway I like my current sig photo because its me giving everyone on the forums the finger.
  5. Funny, I got it right away because Im no reatard. Good hacker joke too. Oh yeah: DO IT!! DELETE IT!!! NOW!! >)
  6. Im an expert at KNOPPIX. Ive had it for almost a year now and I rule in it. I like it more than windows.
  7. Noone cares about your stupid ass game stats n shit. The cyborg thing is cool. Mine is made by me, personally. It suits the inner me.
  8. The 20s would blow. Not a lot of cars were around back then, and the ones that were around werent fast. So the tiltle of the game would have to change to Grand Theft Horse Buggy or something like that. I think the next GTA should take place in some hick ass city in present day in Mississippii.
  9. Speed Limits would be awesome because you would have fun getting away from the po-po and there would be roadblocks and all kinds of shit. Speed limits would also rule because you would hopefully get into traffic jams and stuff.
  10. I do it. It helps me concentrate and wastes energy so I can go to sleep later on that night.
  11. Intel has a 4.8GHZ processor out now I think, or else that was one that I saw was overclocked heavily. Anyway Bus Speed is what makes a CPU fast not the GHZ(even though it does help).
  12. So what if it has nuditity in it. You can see a lot more nudity on the internet just by typing in any sex term known to man in your search bar. Anythings bound to show up. Like Link removed. That site scarded me for life. I was just being a smartass and typing random crap into the address bar. And BOOM: Pictures straight from hell. If I post links to sick websites again I will instantly get banned from this forums
  13. Two 6 year old dudes polished each others knob in their schools restroom? WTF? They should be shot on site because we already have enough bone smokers in this world as it is. frolicking dumbass kids. Send them over to Michael Jacksons pad for a righteous punhment. >)
  14. Im always bored because I have a shitty life. The only thing that I like to do is vandalize other peoples property(it gets me out and keeps me active). Other than that nothing works out for me. Like take today for instance, I need a web cam so I can talk to someone, so I go to Radio Sack to buy one. The dumbass kid working there told me the 29 dugget POS in my hand is "all you need to video chat" and that was also on the cameras box. Little do I know, I go home and install the POS and I notice that I dont have a microphone so now the video chat thing is just me sitting there typing shit looking into a camera instead of saying stuff and being heard. I swear to God if I EVER find anyone who works for that cams company I will cut off both his gonads, feed them to him, and throw him into a Louisiana Bayou and let the crocks eat the asshole. Fukin dumbass dipshits are gonna die because of false advertising, and to me, thats punishable by immediate TERMINATION.
  15. How IS this forum boring? Its forum, its got every boring thing that every other forum has.
  16. Spaz, Miller, Chris, and Sky are my choices.
  17. lol funny sig quote bryzed
  18. I hope it doesnt take place in London, or anywhere else in the world except America. America has everything. Hopefully it will take place in a city in Louisiana so that way you can swim in the swamps and get your unit bitten off by 'gators. And it would be kind of scary during the night because you dont know whats around the corner.....
  19. 133Mhz? My first comp was state of the art in 97, 500Mhz AMD Athlon, 16Megabyte video card(SD11) , 20 gig hard drive, 128 Megs of RAM, and I still have the original keyboard that came with it(Im using it right now, I dont like it because it is so loud when I type and my parents hear it at 3 in the morning and come running in telling me to turn off my pc). Almost forgot about the good old days when DirectX4.0 and below was out and you had to download the first version of the shockwave player to play any games on the internet. I have had cable internet ever since it became available in my area in 97. OH YEAH: TO ALL ADAMINS/MODERATORS!!!: Is it okay if I open up a poll that asks what you CPU speed is? PM me with an answer, if you say no then i wont do it. Ill wait till an admin PMs me before I make the poll so as to not get a warning telling me that I am under an "unfortunate suspicion of being a spamer"(Xenon still hasnt told me why he thought I was a spammer... wtf? At least Spaz replied after I asked him why I was thought of as a spammer. ).
  20. I like Grunge. Mostly Alice In Chains and Soundgarden and other early 90's grunge bands. Anyway rap is THE reason why God gave us "Ghetto Thumpers"(loud stereos on cheap ass cars).
  21. Yeah they sure do. Anyway my favorite music video is Man In The Box by Alice In Chains.
  22. What about Grunge? Dont forget Alice In Chains and Soundgarden and all those other kick ass grunge bands of the early 90's. Alice In Chains rules. Too bad the lead singer Layne Staley(Im pretty sure thats what his name is) died in 2002 from a drug overdose(a "speedball" or some derivative of heroin).
  23. I am making a picture and once Im done Ill edit this reply and put it in there. It will have some real people in it and real cars in a real city. It is probably going to be a crappy picture but at least I made it instead of linking to a picture from some other googled site like all the others in here. Im done and here it is(I couldve done it bit by bit for the "professional look" but Ive got better things to do):
  24. That is what I thought the game was all about when my dad first got me GTA3 for Christmas in 2000 I think. If he knew that you could bang hookers and kill people and all that in it he wouldve never got it for me. Good thing that he thgouht that all you did was "maybe steal cars and race them". Stupid dumbass parents.
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