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All-in-1 .SCM File!


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I think that someone should make a .SCM file with every .SCM mode avaliable- I.E. the hot coffee mod+SANGA+Get CJ high and Drunk etc..

I mean, I would do it if I had the skills. dont you think it would be great if someone did it? A better Modding experience. Please post your thoughts on this/ or whether you would be able to do this!

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hey cool! someone post the link to spaceinstein's all-in-one mod. does anyone know what .scm mods are out? cos if u post a link, ill hand it over to one of our modders and he'll collaborate them into one big .scm, and we'll complete the game and add the savegame to the file.

You'd also require permission from each of the mod authors before you released such a mod (bearing in mind Patrick isn't supporting Hot Coffee anymore so I doubt he'll want anything released with it in).

Sorry, but you'd need permission in order to do that.

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