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Your GTA4 location ideas


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Yeah man it's going to take place in Liberty City again, but of course, it's going to be bigger and everything, now with the next-gen consoles they have more freedom and all, it's going to be amazing. And Liberty City was on my most wanted list you know, man for all this time, we've been talking about a lot of places you know... Alright man, to be honest, I really believed it was going to take place in Carcer City, or somewhere in Asia, I mean, but Liberty City was expected, I understand why R* wanted it again, to have the freedom to create Liberty City the way they've always wanted. I'm... I'm... Man I'm excited! :D:D Oh yeah and, it said on a sign in the beginning of the trailer "Visit Vice City $300", f***... Are you thinking what I'm thinking? OH YEAH! Big time! A possibility to travel to Vice City would be.... Excuse me, I'm going to go out and scream for a while... Ahh there... Done :P Anyway man, looking forward visiting Liberty again.

Yeah man, but if you slice the islands together, you'll see it's not bigger than Las Venturas.

Edit: Forgot to mention, looks like it's going to take place in present time :D

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Yeah man, that's true, so yeah it's a possibility of course that we're going to be able to ride the rollercoaster, we'll see what happens, even if you can't, that wouldn't matter to me you know, it's just a rollercoaster, but riding it would be pure fun you know.

Edit: Shoreside Vale would probably look awesome.

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