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They'd probably be able to fit most of this on the XBox!

-Jet pack (works like a helicopter but fast to get into the air and land)

-Keep the ambulance/vigilante/firetruck/taxi but be able to get more unlockables

-Since San Andreas is in San Francisco, have the ability to go into Alcatraz

-Have police help you when you're in trouble (gangs shoot you or steal your car)

-Commandeer vehicles

-Better handling on cars. Lossen the steering like GTA3 is when "Better handling"

-Customizable characters (many choices like in THPS4)


-When character gets wet, show that he/she IS wet with darker clothing on the areas where that went into the water

-More accessable interiors - Ammunation and Tooled Up are not that great

-More "Job" missions where you actuallyrob a bank

-Ability to call people (have a list of people you already know like in The Sims)

--Or have a phonebook of people you can call and make prank calls.

-Home Invasions (steal things form homes - jewelry, phones, furniture, food, beverages, electronics [PS2, XBox, GBA, computers, etc.], photos of people you may want to kill, etc.), Vehicle Invasions

-70's/80's radio station with most of the music from Vice City and GTA3 (Scarface)

-Steal portable radios from cars

-Easy to get around SA with large variety of destinations by taxi/bus/trolley

-View short 5 minute films in theaters

-Semi-trucks with trailers

-When some special character is murdered (like Kenji) or missing (maybe because you kidnapped them?) They have k-9 units searhcing for them in forested areas

-"Paint It Black" by Rolling Stones on the radio

-When you by property, have the abilty to go inside and save like in the Ocean View hotel in VC

-More color varieties at Pay n' Spray (chrome, black, white, brown, green, purple, gold, bronze, not pink) and be able to choose more than one color on a car like the Banshee has one color and white stripe

-Receive a wanted level for running a red light or passing a police car at a fast speed

-Have a mission at a driving school. When you enter the car, a driving school teacher come to the car and gets in and then the test start and you have to stop at red lights, stop signs, yield to traffic, wait for peds to cross streets and go on freeways.

-Cars should have blinkers and when they go out your character should say when they're turning (in the Driving School mission only)

-Cops should be shown puting your character in the police car (unless there isn't one) and show paramedics placing victims on stretchers and into the ambulance

-GET RID OF THE "physical" camera. The camera is not supposed to be physical (rain drops on screen). It's only there to let the player see what he/she is doing. No criminal would ever have a camera following them. This "phycical camera" is an inappropriate concept for the game. It would be okay if it did that maybe when your were IN the car and it rained but it's stupid when you're viewing the outside of the car and there's rain drops on nothing.


Get rid of motorcycles or make it easier to steer (you fly 100 feet when crashing at 5 mph or crash while braking when turning a corner. It gets old!)

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I think they should put in a "create/edit a player" so the character looks the way you want them to look. :coolthumbup:

I think it will have a different character but they should still have tommy in th story.

They should have a mayors office.

More types of cops, example: state police, sheriff, the police, etc.

i think it should have a bigger nap with 2 cities.

you should be able to go to radio stations and "talk on air" :ph34r:


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I would like:

- Bullet holes in everything you shoot.

- Some heavy skidmarks on the road, but not too much, because that

would take hours to load.

- Very large city.

- No more army after you, the tank is so fake. You drive against a car and

it explodes :?: Or make it realistic.

- More damage to cars and stuff.

- Cars don't make skidmarks on the road to fast. Just look at True Crime:

Streets of LA, you make a wee turn and your car makes smoke and a

huge skidmark. This is not really realistic.

- More interaction with the surrounding, I don't know yet what, but I'll see.

- See the rest in the other topics.


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ONLINE PLAY!! :coolthumbup:













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-8 stars in sted of 6 stars for example:

1 star police pull u over and give u a ticket or a warning.

2 stars police have been giving u too many chances now thay are starting to call for backup.

3 stars police starts getting violent more cruisers join pursuit (no helicopter yet).

4 stars thay are getting more violent, they are starting to set up road blocks and spike strips, then the helicopter comes into action.

5 stars Swat comes in and not afraid to take a shot at you NOTE:if you are in a building the swat team has tear gas and they are going to look for u in that building.

6 stars another helicopter joins in so u have 2 of them on you.

7 stars a s*** load of FBI agents joining the action.

8 stars THE MILITERY in real looking tanks and barracks OLs. In the back of the barracks is 10 army men that wants u dead.

If u go to a airport or mall or any thing that has security thay will join with the police. Aspecialy the airport if you don't have stars and u go to the restricted area in the airport u will get stars starting with 2 and airport security with go after along with the police.So u must have a place to go to get permission to go in the restricted area.I like a little challenge while I play this game.

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I think Big Mitch Baker should have his own rock station. If you remember on VC he phones up Lazlo and tells him to stop playing that sissy hair band music and to play something hard.

I think it would complement the other reccuring characters such as Lazlo, Fernando Martinez and Phil Cassidy.

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I think Big Mitch Baker should have his own rock station. If you remember on VC he phones up Lazlo and tells him to stop playing that sissy hair band music and to play something hard.

I think it would complement the other reccuring characters such as Lazlo, Fernando Martinez and Phil Cassidy.

I actually agree with that. Mitch was one of my favorite characters from VC, and I would love to see him with his own station in other games. Perhaps it could be a heavy metal/rock station.

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Get rid of motorcycles or make it easier to steer (you fly 100 feet when crashing at 5 mph or crash while braking when turning a corner. It gets old!

what the hell? no way!! just b/c it was crap last time doesn't mean it'll be crap again. it can be IMPROVED!! <_<

Now, I would like to see something like "Crime Sense", where the screen goes blue and everything goes in really-slow-motion and you can identify objects are red. (yep, it's a right rip-off of Bond Sense from Everything Or Nothing) :lol:

but seriously, most of it has been already mentioned...so i'll just say..


e.g: Triumph Daytona 600, Black Hawk, Chimera, etc, etc.

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--Being able to get in the back of moving van truck things..like the triad fish fans in GTA 3, in 3 and VC you can knock the back door off but can't get in, it would be awesome if you could get in the back of them while a driver drives around and not know your in there, and you can shoot people while moving. You could do it out of the back of a bobcat in 3 and VC, but fell off to easy.

--and smarter cops, and just smarter people in general. I dont think there needs to be a change to the cop stars or anything, just make them smarter, army men in the back of barracks as josh said would be cool though. and the tanks shoot after you, but not unless you've been in the chase a long time, and they..well no bad idea, too hard, but they should shot at least once

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I'm not too keen on the co-op mission idea.

what? i'd be fun! you could cover each others' backs and it would make some missions a lot easier! But it has to be that you do the 1-player missions in co-op. and once you do that, you could unlock new characters and go on a new story! FUN FUN FUN! :D

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Everyone thinks the same thing GOD what can i do now after i beat the game. So i think in San Andreas you should be able to start a gang after you beat all the missions and you can choose the weapons cars clothes and you can make them follow u and go beat up on other gangs or "keep the peace" :D

I also think that if some one shoots at u the cops should do somethin about it not just wait till u shoot. I mean come on. And to add to the realistict factor they should make it when some one gets killed the cops come and they mark off the body and tape of the crime scene and then the ambulance comes.

I think everyone would enjoy these things :D:D:D:D:D:coolthumbup::thumbsup::coolthumbup::dribble:

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-Tow truck (able to tow any car of choice)

-Big Rig Tow Truck (towing big rigs/buses/military vehicles)

-Boats with trailers. (tow the boats to different areas.

-More Pick up trucks

-Big Redneck 4x4’s with big tires

-Import sport cars, w/ the lights under the car

-Police motorcycles

-More types of sport bikes

-More types of Harleys

-Diesels w/ trailers. (Be able to put vehicles in the trailer)

-Have open flatbed trailers

-Box trailers

-Monster Truck

-Top Fuel Dragsters

-Funny Cars

-An Indy Car type vehicle

-A Riot Control type truck but w/ machine gun (Browning M2HB), and it’s bullet proof

-Police Motorcycles


-Gas powered Scooters (Go Ped)


-By-Winged plane, that can do stunts

-Double Propeller Helicopter that can lift and transport vehicles

-Fighter Jet (why not)

-Flyable Blimp

Pay & Spray

-Choose color instead of random color

-Buy different rims

-Have your car bullet proofed

Vehicle Interaction

-Cars take more damage (Roof collapses in when car is rolled, wheels fall off, the tire separates from the rim if you drive too much on a flat, car sounds different when it takes too much damage)

-Motorcycles take more damage (Wheels fall off, tires separate from rim, the front fork snaps off, bike sound changes when it has taken too much damage)

-Be able too shoot a hole in any vehicles gas tank (The car will blow up automatically.)

-Shooting gas tanks on motorcycles (Same as the cars but when a person is riding the bike and Tommy shoots the tank the bike will ignite in flames, catching the person on fire)

-Shooting people in their cars (When Tommy shoots someone in their car they shouldn’t get out, they should die in their car and if Tommy wants to get in he will have to pull out the dead body)

-Drive-bys w/ Cars (Have Tommy shoot through the front of the window of the car, and through the back. When looking backwards be able to shoot through the back window)

-Drive-bys w/ Motorcycles (Be able to shoot backwards. When on a motorcycle and you’ve stopped be able to cycle trough different weapons even if their not automatic. Then use the Colt M4 or Handgun etc… and shoot people while still on the bike, but when you start to drive again it will revert back to the Uzi)


-Desert Eagle (USA)(9 round) as a “Pistol”

-Glock 21(Austria) have 2 Glocks as a “Pistol”

-SPAS-15 (Italy) as a “Shotgun”

-HK MP-7 PDW (Germany) as a “Uzi”

-Colt Commando model 733 (USA) as a “Assault Rifle”

-Truvelo .50 (South Africa) (5 Shot) as a “Sniper”

-HK 21e cal. 7.62mm NATO (Germany) as a “Heavy Metal”

-Chain (Have a 4ft. chain as a weapon) “Melee Weapon”

Options Menu

-Change the function of “Auto Aiming” ( Be able to chose if you want certain weapons to “auto-aim” or switch it to manual aiming. You could pick that function for each gun. Some guns can have “auto-aim” or manual. It all depends on what you assign each gun as.

Tommy-Have Tommy be able to climb walls etc…

-Larger Variety of clothing. (Be able to choose the clothing you want. Make your own clothes. Walk into a clothes store and pick a shirt, or jacket, then pick pants, or shorts, shoes etc…)

-Pickup crap on the ground and use it against people (rocks, sticks)

Other things

animals, lots of animals. People walking dogs....maybe even a zoo (defenseless animals in cages and a crazy guy with a M-16)... LOL

huge garage (airplane hanger size, holds at least 30 vehicles)

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If the police pulls u over u will ether get tickets, warnings, or arrests, depending on the violation.

Every time u get arrested, a ticket, or warning a movie scene comes on. A officer comes out and gives u a ticket, warning, or arrests u and puts u in the back of the cop car.


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I think that if R* do include the ability to make your car bulletproof then it should be really really expensive otherwise it'll defeat the purpose of having the BP cars mission specific

I like josh's idea though cause I think its stupid if the police just immediately come up to and start hitting you when you have a wanted level

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You can go into more buldings including Police depts, Fire depts, Hospitals, bars, and much more.

You can see cops arresting other people just like the way thay do to you like I whet I said in my previose wish.

You can have a shofer to give you rides around even if you are not in a mission, you can just press triangle near the back seat and you get in and just sit back and realax.Taxies are included.

If you die the game will enter a movie scene the shows the ambulance coming to pick you up, the people put you in the back of the ambulance. and they drive away then you will end up in the hospital lobby.Same if you get arrested.

If there is a fire fire truck come in, there is ladder trucks, pumpers, cheif's trucks (SUVS)or pick ups. THere are structure fires, car, brush and more. You can start these fires as well. When you go to the fire dept the fire trucks are in the garage and if you take it out it will not regenerate in the garage unless you trash the truck.

There is real damage the hoods actully buckle and so as the rest of dimenions of the car including the roof. No exploding. unless you put a bomb in the vehicle.

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This game should have big Elevations. Also the game should have 18 wheelers with the trailers.

The moon should be regular size insted of a big giant. Threr are fire calls and you see fire trucks leaving the fire house from the garages. same with ambulances.

Bycycles, skateboards, and more!

You know how in gta 3 thay had you go and get cars and bring them to the garages, well I want the same but with the emergencey vehicles the icon is at the police, fire, hospitals. So if you want a cop car you can just go to the police station

hospital, Military base etc.

Last double post

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