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You should be able to do a drive-by w/ any Weapon and u can chose any direction to shoot. And u can start your own gang and have some come w/ u in the vehicle and thay w/ help u shoot When u give the command any time.

W/ a tow truck you can go to a parked car or truck and u take them to your garage.

U know the packer, you can put the cars on it and take them to the garage.

At the garages u can put more cars in the garages.

The cops have walkie talkies. If u get pulled over the cop will report u on the radio, or if u are commiting a crime the cop will report u too. But there is a a bit of help, u can shoot out there radio. This stradagy is perfomed in "Medel Gear Solid 2".

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If you go swimming in this new game you should have underwater weapons like harpoons, spears etc.

And there should be scuba gear you can put on and you can stay in the water longer.

You can drive yahts, bigger boats, and even ships.

You can join the police. Here is how you should do it. It will be like a mission but it is not you go to one of those markers at a police academy ( i hope u put a police academy in the game) and you will enter the mission like thing then u will have to do test and if u pass all of them the police will welcome you to the force. This will allow u to speed, shoot, pull people over, and more stuff that is illegal. And if there is any call u can go to to it, this means police, fire and EMS calls. If u don't want to be with the police, u can go aganst them and get kicked off and arrested if u don't get away. U don't have to go in the marker to be a cop u can just be a regular civilion. Some people probebly won't like it. I just want to arrest the gangs that mess w/ me.

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i aready put them ideas down before!!! git!!!

well....this thing with the car transporter...nice!

what about the Chinook carrying tanks and apc's?................

...........see... "COOL CAR IDEAS!"

and i'd like that mod...(pc i serpose, still have it though. ps2 save would be good)

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new stuff i think they should have, just bear with me please i know this is old and probably all the stuff is said already but here:


1.recruit whole gangs

2. hired-hands

3. jump people from the street so they can join your gang.

4. spray paint (graffiti or used as a weapon!!)

5. Types of gang you can choose - Mafia, Crew(small gang), Big gang, Big ballers( casinos and such. money business), business gang, drugs, weapons, Power gang


A. ive seen contraversies as to the subject if the cars should have gas or not.

1. some cars last longer on gas than others or

2. cars have no gas, but a seriously damaged car can break down.


3. i agree with a speedometer

4. different radio stations

5. at car dealerships you should be able to

-a. order a car in a certain color

-b. custom rims

-c. interior designs

-d. performance enhancments

6. better types of cars.

-Civilian, such...

1. better AI

2. run at sight of gun, but only guns, not bats, swords, knifes, such

3. gang members place their guns in their pants so guns can be carried anywhere without noticment.

4. cops holster their guns inside their jackets with a gun holster, like the P.I.s have in those 80s movies.

5. some random people on the street have weapons.

6. muggers with knives, guns.

7. i think bringin children into the game would bring contreversy, but teenagers hanging out on their block is a good idea.

8. random arguments in a restraunt, market, or on the street

9. riots every other month (game time). or a level where you start a riot

10. if your in a residential building theres should be a window somewhere where if you use your sniper scope you can see two ladies, or a lady and a guy doing it or a chick taking a shower or something.


1.someone cant hold a rocket launcher in their pants so i guess that you could call some guy, the game pauses and you pick out which weapons he should bring the weapons you chose and probably 2 gang members to help your troubles out, carry the guns, or do your dirty work.

2. guns your can carry unnoticable:

a. uzi

b. handgun

c. knife

d. shotgun(if you have a trench coat probably)

e. carry a rocket launcher or better yet a sniper rifle in a kick ass metal suitcase like an assassin.

f. nades

3. more varieties of weapons, and carrying two of the same weapon and two uzis, pistols, shotguns, knives.


1. Bigger maps

2. Custom clothes

3. Better terrain

4. more indoor activities

5. gym, pool, park

6. indoor in most publis buildings

7. backdoors, garages leading to inside of business building

8. ....

thats all i can think of now. if you want to talk to me via AIM my screen name is swankerpoo (dont ask). thanks! bye

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I think it would be cool to put the vehicle in cruise control. It wouldn't turn corners or anything but it would just go straight that way you could send it up a crowded footpath or have the cops chasing and empty car! :coolthumbup:

Also all cars should have a sun roof that you could climb out of.

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I think it would be cool to put the vehicle in cruise control. It wouldn't turn corners or anything but it would just go straight that way you could send it up a crowded footpath or have the cops chasing and empty car! :coolthumbup:

Also all cars should have a sun roof that you could climb out of.

I don't think it would work u will probebly hurt your self. But it will probebly be a good idea if your on the highway and u don't want to hold x all the time and they should have a speed setting. And the good posted idea is if u jump out and the cops will chase a emtey car it is a good lurer. The sun roof idea is great.

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How the hell would you hurt yourself? You just put the car in cruise control, climb out the sun roof and jump off the back of your car. :huh: OR EVEN BETTER... you stand on the roof and take out the cops following you closely before climbing back in and losing the other cops that won't see you taking a sharp corner or going down an alley or something. The perfect crime. HEH HEH HEH B)

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I wish the police could use the PIT manuver to spin your car and the spike tacks would be automatic.

And about that cruise idea I want to add some thing. You can cruise the climb into your back seat and shoot the cops behind from your back window. But jumping out of your vehicle wouldnt work. The game is too smart that the cops will follow you because it know that you jump out of your car so that means computers are dumber than human.

I also wish like the car is like James Bond; can shoot out missiles out from the back and front, mines, machiene guns, automatic coffee maker ( :lol: ) spikes, and many more

Most of the surroundings must be destructable, like a wodden cabin can be set on fire, Walls can be broken into with a car, so it would be more realistic. :w00t:

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I ONLY MEANT WALKING OFF THE BACK OF THE CAR IF THE COPS WEREN'T FOLLOWING YOU. :nope: If the cops were following you then you could stand on the roof like I already said or shoot out the back window. :yup:

Another cool thing you should do is when the car is on fire and about to explode, put it in cruise control, aim towards a police roadblock, bunch of shoppers etc. and jump out! :lolbounce:

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[/b] Personal stereo

Place to tune up cars e.g NOS, added weapons, body armour

Street races (at night like fast and the furious)

Pedestrians committ more crimes (e.g muggings, shootings, holding up stores)

Police more responsive to civilian crimes (e.g cars instead of one cop on foot!)

Gang wars (maybe as an after 100% bonus - lead your gang into other gangs turf on jobs)

Ambulance missions in a heli!

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Personal stereo

Garage to tune up cars e.g. added weapons, paint jobs, NOS

Refuel cars (do fuel runs!)

Civilians committ more crimes (e.g muggings, shootings, kidnappings, holding up stores)

Have cops be more responsive to civilian crimes (e.g. have cars instead of one cop on foot)

Get bonus for stopping a crime (have a go hero bonus?)

Start gang wars (maybe a 100% bonus - lead your gang on jobs into other gangs turf) - Good multiplayer option!!!

Run your day to day businesses

Have to defend your gangs turf from other gangs

Air ambulance missions in a heli!!

Skateboard park like tony hawks - do tricks and get money for it - works with bmx as well

Have gangs do drive bys on other gangs and you

See characters around in the street sometimes - talk to them, fight them, or ignore them - players choice

Cops and gangs have shoot outs

Mission where you take hostages and have to escape or stop cops getting in

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Wishlist by Vlad Spy

-Faster cars

-More weapons


-More Missions!

-Longer missions!

-Smarter AI (I think their braines was washed with vanish in VC!)

-Faster loading

-More FPS

-More 'minigames'

-Harder 'minigames'

-A Buggy!

-Smarter police (Police cars always hit each other)

-A Hovercraft!

-More stunts!

-Not EVERYONE should be black! (Not that I dislike black people, but not ONLY black people)

-Better vehicle collision effects (e.g. I don't want the windshield to just fall off!)

-More bikes, and more BMX makes

I know this would just add a lot of work to the SA team, which I respect veeery much, but if it would be possible...........it would be cool!

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- more cars, Bikes, choppers etc. (going to happen anyway) :bashhead:

- a speedometer

- u dont lose the type of weapon after a rampage

- Better police AI (speically in pursuit, i like to get the thrill of a fast car and a bunch of cops chasin me.. never could get "the thrill" just after 2 stars they just smash their in u and they flip and die.. smart?) :nope:

- Better Citizen AI ( i hate when u stand with a shotgun they just turn around and start walkin) :unsure:

- Upgrade ur gangs armor, weaps and train them to aim better

- Being a passenger in a taxi

- all four seasons

- more and harder R3 and RC games

- Able to call people, and choose what to say.

- More Houses to enter

- More Assets/houses to buy

- buy and tune cars

- More harder and longer missions

- more realistic of whos in the cars, i think i never seen a black hiphop kinda guy in a van with a white fat worker :wacko:

- go shoppin new clothes

- bigger collection weapons

- the tank less "overpowered" :whistle:

- Choose Car color

- A subway train and the ability to walk in the train, look at people

- u will see police chasin criminals

Dont kill the game.. keep on with cars with a not orginal name.. u can carry the same load of guns: fist, melee, pistol, shotguns, SMG, Assault Riffle, Heavy, Sniper, Nade :!:

GTA is not ment to be super realistic, thats what makes it good :!:

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I would wish for....

-more dynamic cops with better AI. Fore example if you crash into them by accident, the cop would get out of his car and try to give you a ticket not just ram you over and over again.

-alot more missions other then you just being a taxi driver or erren boy.

-alot of new cars, not old ones from vice city and gta3

-enhanced r3 missions for example im sick of doing the cop missions, getting up to like the 12th level and then another cop busts me. like WHAT im tryin to help you get the bad guys.

-when you pick up a hooker it shold show something besides the 2 people sitting there and the car rockin back and forth

-other people should swim

-police should chase other cars like a pursuit, nothing like watching a good old fashion police chase pass by the intersection.

-fire trucks should have hoses instead of a water cannon on the roof.

-when tanks run over a car, it shouldn't blow up it just get smushed like a pancake.

-if someone gets killed you should see them being put in a body bag when the crime scene unit comes and if someone gets knocked out the paramedics should take them in a strecher not just give them cpr.

-parked cars should be locked therefor makin you either smash the window or picklock. It should take some time to hot wire the car also once you get in a parked car.

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- be able to go in more buildings

- be able to blow up stuff with really good physics

- better graphics, car damage etc....

- be able to put bodies in trunk

- be able to burry bodies

- make it so there is a mode where you can put it on "Ultra Realistic". Say if you kill someone, everyone forgets about it and you go on about your day. But not with ultra realistic mode. It will be your responsibility to hide the body (in the trunk maybe) and dispose of it (burry it, throw it in the water, whatever)

If you don’t dispose of it properly prepare to go to jail (lose ALL of your weapons and ALL of your money) also, don’t kill anyone in brood daylight, if you do this people will see and everybody will be all over you. You have to go to a quit place (in the ally, a dock etc..) and then kill them.

- be able to command your own gang, manage money and make hits on anyone. But be careful who you hit ;)

-be able to blow up a building or parts of it (with a lot of explosives)

-be able to see where the bullet hit the person (see a bloody hole)

-DEEP urban environment, grand theft auto 3 did this amazingly.

-Police come in realistic numbers

-built in level editor

-built in car editor

-built in person editor

-built in building editor (once u made a building u can use it in the map editor, or u can just use a default building)

I think it would be cool if they made my "Ultra Realistic Mode" a MMORGP style game. Where u can choose a life of crime, own a business, be a stripper, be a taxi driver, bus driver, prostitute, anything. And the gangs would compete in real time for control over the city (different gangs will control different cities) There will be ranks and you will do missions and specific jobs from people who are higher in rank then you. Depends on what gang your in. For example The Italians have big bosses and captains who have crews. The crews have crews etc...

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I was thinking of being able to die if you fall of a fourteen-story building. Or out of an airplane. Since you're supposedly going to be able to fly 3x higher than in GTA VC, then maybe parachutes would be a nice touch? I dunno, I'm just rambling here.

Oh, and for different voicecasts, for some reason it would kind of feel right to have John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson somewhere in the mix. Perhaps as Tenpenny and Pulaski?

Not to mention Benicio Del Toro. Anybody who has seen The Usual Suspects knows what I'm talking about.

But for the really dark stuff, that gruffy voice, the kind that would scare you badly in a dark alley at night; Michael Wincott. The guy who played Top Dollar in The Crow, Rochefort in The Three Musketeers, and had a leading role in Alien Resurrection. Why this man has not been put to voicecasting yet is a mystery to me.

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