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No Flying in LCS was true


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while i was in shoreside vale, i explored the airport. i tried getting into the planes but i couldnt. i think R* wasnt lying about no flight. i am not sure though becausei got there using a cheat and there were no helicopters there. it might be possible that helicopters are flyable after you beat a certain mission. i think this because they show helicopters in the game and they look 100% flyable. as far as i know you cant fly in LCS but i wont know for sure till i beat the game

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...There's refrences to a "Dodo" and a "Helicopter" in the .gxt file...

That's why I asked him to look at the SCM, because yes, those are both parts of missions. The Dodo in the gxt is a subtitle for a cutscene where Salvatore says "Dodo, Dildo." (Reference to the VC studio mission) But there are several missions where people fly helicopters. (Yes, they do look 100% flyable) So "Helicopter" in the gxt is part of a mission instruction. I think flight is there, because GameInformer said "Players will be able to finally drive motorcycles and helicopters in Liberty City..." [Offtopic-sortof]The bad news is, there are Custom Soundtracks, but apparently, it was a last minute feature R* threw in that didn't work right, as in the Pause menu, it says Custom Soundtracks are "Unavailable" so Rockstar is working on a downloadable patch to fix this. I also have a hunch that this is what caused the European delay. I can also confirm there is no skinning and no saving pictures with a camera to the memory stick. (A camera is in the game though) I hope the patch will also allow both of these because I feel they are missing. Finally, outfits are great. I have just reached Shoreside Vale and there are 9 outfits so far.[/offtopic]

All in all, I still think Rockstar has included flight in the game.

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you can fly helicopters
Quote From GTAPortable.com


It seems that helicopters in Liberty City Stories are flyable after all! Well.... sorta. In the mission "Calm Before the Storm" for JD you can apperantly jack a helicopter on a rooftop. gmrxbox made a video to show that this one is for real! He also was kind enough to share a technique on doing this:

On the mission where you follow Massimo on a tip from JD(he has a helicopter that you drive under and you cant lose him), follow him until the second stop. (When you climb up the building to find him.) Use a motorcycle to climb up the steps and reach the top. You will pass through the yellow marker and can go get the helicopter. Happy flying!!

Download Video: Click here!

so this is pretty cool, to bad i already done the mission.

im starting to think the video isnt true cuase the screen is blurrier than hell, and you cant hear at all, but it could be real

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Since thats a psp, it cant be a mod, and must be true...I dont see how you could prove it anymore. And the screen isnt that blury...I believe it, and im gonna test it.

You are gullible if you actually believe that can't be faked. It's easy to fake ANY type of video. Especially considering the PSP PLAYS VIDEOS. Hmmmm.... Wow, amazing concept, eh? :rolleyes:

So yeah, I'll check it out when I get to that mission.

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