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New features that should be added


GTA online?  

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  1. 1. I want to know if you think a online option for GTA will add to the game or take away from what GTA is and make GTA never the same again?

    • yes
    • no

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For this topic I do not want tyo hear any thing about grapics or anything to do of thn sims:

I would like to see an advanced 2 player game play, and maybe soem optional 2 player missions.

scenario option for free play where you do not play though the mission but instead you get to see some coll action happening like bank robberys multiple police cars chases after soem one other than your self huge gang wars that do not involve you or your gang

Improved weatehr with snow and rain and weatehr events where road are unaccessable due to snow. lightnining that damages terrain where it will hit a tree and set fire. houses are able to burn down.

natural disaster will huricans, floods earth quakes.

changing cities new buildings built buildings destroyed parks create.

events that will happen like air shows prades fairs

SORRY about the pole question spelling, I should of worded teh question better and part of the question was cut off, and I can not edit it sorry.

I would also like to see full buildings where you can accually access all floors and even jump out any window on any floor becasue I like to be abel to jump on top not in a jet and fly up the say teh middle floor of the building shoot my way though the window keep the 2 player guy flyign the jet out side waiting and I kill every one on teh floor just for the fun of it and go up one floor kill every one there the cops rush that floor and I shoot though the window and jump on to the jet that is just one floor below and get teh hell out of there.

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I never found 2 player any fun, if they improved it a lot and split screen, maybe over the net, i would like it more. but right now I think 2 player seems like a bad idea.

Yea they should definetly add a much better 2 player because in San Andreas the 2 player absolutely sucked! you couldnt even get into 2 different cars :blink:

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