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More Than 100 Hidden Packages?


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I've heard from a few friends of mine, that there are more than 100 pieces of Hidden Packages that we are able to collect in the PS2 version. Now hell, I don't have a friggin' PS2/XBox... But I just want to know what you people think about this. I don't know if this is true or not though, this is only what my friend said.

I've played my friend's GTA:VC savegame (in his house), and I saw that the Gang that Tommy has (The Marios or something), were ALL wielding a piece of M4A1. And he said, that some of the Marios members holds an M1 Vulcan Cannon (Minigun :P)!!!

If there actually are more than 100 Packages available... How the hell can we find them? And are they available in the PC Versions too?

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Seriously now, people... We all know all those packages are a pain in the ass to get.

So it would be awesome if they put fewer in the game, say at least 50.

Who on fuckin earth cares about those packages more than the rewards offered?

Wouldn't it be better if such rewards were offered in another way, than that of the hidden packages?

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