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Spaz The Great

Jay and Silent Bob

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Who likes JASB movies? I love them they are hilarious, my favorite is Jay and Silent Bob: Strike Back and of course MallRats! :lol:

gently caress gently caress gently caress

Mother mother gently caress, mother mother gently caress gently caress.

Mother gently caress mother gently caress noise noise noise.

1 2, 1 2 3 4, noise, noise, noise.

Shmokin weed, shmokin weed.

Doin coke drinking beers.

Drinkin beers beers beers.

Rollin' fatties smokin blunts.

Who smokes the blunts?

We smoke the blunts.

Rollin blunts and smokin blunts.

Some guy: "Ah lemme get a nickel bag"

15 bucks, little man.

Put that shit, in my hand!

If that money doesnt show then you owe me owe me OH!

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I've only seen Strike Back but I thought it was really funny. I didn't even know there was any others but could someone list the names of the rest of the movies so I could try and find them

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Mallrats, Clerks, Chasing Amy, uh.... is there others?

Dogma,Jasb: Strike Back, the Clerks cartoon (only six episodes and it was really lame) and then the new one "Jersey Girl" that has no Jay or Bob :'(

Clerks was probably my favorite, I remember watching that movie was one of the first times I smoked weed, gently caress it was hillarious :dribble:

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that sucks how Clerks is in black and white though...

I thought Mallrats was the funniest, (WHEN THE HELL DO I GET TO SEE THE GODDAMN SAILBOAT!?!) :'(

I loved that part :lol:

I heard from movies.com that they're in production of a clerks cartoon movie... that would be pretty cool.

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