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[TUT]Ultimate Stunting Video Tutorial

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Ultimate Stunting Video Tutorial

- last update: December 25 2006, 11:51 (Romanian time, GMT+02:00)

- updating in progress

- by Fugitive


Useful files for stunting:

  • Crazy Trainer +151 - This application combines a very good trainer, vehicle spawner, teleporter and garage editor all in one.
  • 100% SaveGame - A simple 100% save where everything that can be done has been done already. The file goes into the "My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files" directory. This save was made for the standard main.scm that installs normally with the game.
  • 10x Draw Distance - The file goes into the "...\GTA San Andreas\data" folder and installing this mod will give you ten times the usual draw distance and it will make your video to look better. Beware low end system users, this can and will cause some slowdown.
  • Clean NRG - Replace "nrg500.txd" from "...\GTA San Andreas\models\gta3.img" using IMGTool. This mod removes all decals and number plates from the NRG.
  • IMGTool v2.0 - This tool allows you to extract and replace the files trapped inside the IMG files.
  • Replay removed - The file goes into the "...\GTA San Andreas\text" folder and it will remove the "REPLAY" text.
  • SA CamHack v1.2 - This tool will help you to make better intros and it can disable/enable speed motion blur effect.
  • SA Control Center - This application combines a very good trainer, vehicle spawner, teleporter, garage editor, clock adjuster etc. all in one.
  • TXD Workshop v4.0b - This tool supports all TXD formats, including compressed.
  • Vehicle Spawn v1.1 - This mod will help you to spawn any vehicles.


How to save/view replays:

F1 - Look at the last 30 seconds

F2 - Save the replay to: "...\My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\replay.rep"

F3 - Look at the saved 30 second replay.

Important: Change the name at replay.rep , because if you don't, the replay will be overwritten.

Important: You should wait at least three seconds before pressing F3 after pressing F2, because sometimes you can get corrupted replays. (Thanks to Juan)

Once you have landed a stunt or you have something interesting or whatever you want to share, press F2 to save the replay. Then if you want to view the saved replay press F3.

The replay will be saved in "...\My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files" folder. Go there and you should see a file named "replay.rep". Now rename it to something like "Huge P2B in LS.rep" and copy-paste it in your replays folder or somewhere you like.

When you want to view a replay that you made some time ago, copy-paste it in "...\My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files" and rename it to "replay.rep". Start the game and then press F3.


Stunting Video Tutorials:


Useful topics:

SALC Guide - SAVC Guide - Buzzsaw's and Turtle Dick's tutorial for LC and VC conversion mod.

SA mods, trainers, and tools. - Buzzsaw's detailed list of what's available.

Complete Guide to Stunting San Andreas - DeathCobra's thread about SA stunting, video editing, crews etc.

San Andreas Cheats, Tips and tricks for the PC! - Marklund's topic.

Edited by Fugitive
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