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Fic That Scratched CD

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This should work

What you will need:

Soft Cloth (toilet paper)

Rough Cloth (A sock works the best)

Brasso/Metal Polish

Vasoline (petroleum jelly)

Here's what you do:

Step 1) Clean the cd with rubbing alcohol

Step 2) Put the toothpaste on the rough cloth and rub firmly, but make sure you arn't doing it too hard

Step 3) There will be more smaller scratches. Put a little water on the soft cloth and rub, not taking out the toothpaste

Step 4) Put some metal polish on the soft cloth and rub it on the surface, this will smooth most of the small scratches

Step 5) Clean with water again

Step 6) Put a good ammount of vasoline on the disc and rub it in, then the excess off.

This fixed my Nascar Thunder 2003 that couldn't be read by brand new ps2's and now my old one reads it. But now i got the newest ve3rsion of it

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