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PlayStation.2 Magazine Info

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I brought the official PS2 magazine today and it has some information about GTA:SA. It's just a fans wishlist and a description of what there is in SA but i thought it'd be useful to post anyway

Copied from Playstation.2 Magazine

San Andreas. A relatively non-descript Californian city about a 130 miles north east of San Francisco and absolutely nothing to do with GTA. It might give its name to the most notorious earthquake fault line in the US but as a game loaction it would suck censored. No, we reckon GTAs 'San Andreas' will be an amalgamation of the two most famous Californian cities - San Francisco and Los Angeles. Between them they have enough going down to fuel the next three GTAs - crime, gangs, riots, movies, big cars, porn, music, drugs, SoCal honeys, beaches, skateboarders, hot weather, rainy weather, deserts, earthquakes, celebrity murders and, er, health food?

San Francisco

Triads and The Tongs - San Francisco has a history of Asian gangs, in particular the Triads and the Tongs who work together in exortion rackets and heroin smuggling. In the '70s and '80s, Inter-Tong disputes spilled out into the streets of Chinatown, often resulting in violent chopsocky bloodbaths. Expect them to play a role in GTA:SA along with their trademark weaponry: the 18-inch Triad fighting chopper and the Triad fighting chain

The Castro - San Francisco's most prolific censored district has a vibrant nightlife and a famous theatre. Not especially obvious as a San Andreas location, but if there's going to be a nightclub complete with transvestites and men in peaked leather caps, it'll be here.

Bernal Heights - Of little cultural significance, perhaps, but location of one of the greatest car chases committed to cinema - the one in Bullitt. You knowm they used it in the Ford Puma advert. A perfect area for Rockstar to incorporate a thrilling car chase section perhaps?

The Haight - The hippy area. Centre of all things involving free love, free concerts and psychedelic drugs. If ever there was an opportunity to shoehorn a drawling, tripped-out stoner into a GTA storyline this is it. Perhaps our central character will have to do a mission after being spiked with LSD. Just a thought, man.

The Mission - The Hispanic district of San Fran. Also the location of the Mardi Gras-style 'Carnaval'. A mission set during a full-scale fiesta? That'd be interesting.

Soma (S & M Clubs) - South of Market may well be the location of a series of trendy restaurants, hip nightspots and art galleries, but it's also the centre of the censored S&M scene. Will GTA:SA opt to 'bring out the gimp'?

Pier 39 - A major tourist attraction and home of a group of sea lions, this area's also favoured by skateboarders for its open space, benches and rails (already incarcerated into videogame format in THPS4). Will LA and San Fran both having thriving skate communities we're banking on a board connection.

Los Angeles

The Crips and The Bloods - You may have heard if these boyz... Symbolized by their red and blue bandanas there's an estimated 274 individual Crip and Blood gangs operating in and around the LA area. Gang warfare is most rife in South Central LA, the area roughly bordered by Interstates 10, 405 and 710 - this year some 17 gang related murders have already been reported in this area. Likely to form a major part of GTA:SA, even if the gang names are changed.

Compton/Long Beach - Two areas notorious for gang related violence and home of gangster rappers NWA (Compton) and Snoop Doggy Dogg (Long Beach). If GTA:SA's hip-hop connection is to be believed expect at least part of the soundtrack to feature tracks from these guys.

Two facts: 1) The San Andreas logo uses an Old English text style seen on NWA's trademark 'Compton' headwear. It comes from a Scottish family's coat of arms

2) Snoop Dogg was once a member of a Crip gang. Now he makes a mint rapping about it.

Sunset Strip - It would be borderline insanity to set a game in and around LA without incorporating the movie industry in some way. And where do the stars hang out when not in their Hollywood Hills mansions? Sunset Strip. We're already imagining driving down the strip, window rolled down, bass pumping, before taking a poolside drink in front of the LA skyline. And then shooting the place up.

The Viper Rooms - The seedy celeb hang out where River Phoenix died. We'll use this to symbolise the drugs, alcoholic excess and debauched sexual encounters of LA's rock legends. Think Guns N' Roses, Poison, Van Halen and Motley Crue. Who'll make an appearance even if it is only on the soundtrack.

Beverly Hills - Notable because it's where a lot of British ex-pats live. Like Robbie Williams and Geri Halliwell. Just in case you wanted to pop by and say, 'Hello'. With a gun in your pocket.

San Fernando Valley - Vice City had Prawn Island's mucky movie outfit, but LA has the San Pornando valley. Centre of the US adult movie industry, you've probably seen this suburb through the window in one of those 'films' you've got stashed in a suitcase under your bed. If GTA:SA doesn't have you running back and forth between LA and the 'Valley' we'll eat Jenna Jameson's pants.

Watts - Location of LA's biggest riots, watts is one place you don't want to get stuck in after dark wearing a camera round your neck and an 'I Love LA' t-shirt. A section of the game inspired by the 1992 Rodney King riots is probably a bit too political for GTA but a huge riot would be an impressive backdrop - especially if you'd just started it.

San Bernardino - A working class suburb about 70 miles east of LA, famous for being the birthplace of notorious biker gang the Hells ngels. As well as being a legitimate biker club, a darker underbelly of the group is still held responsible for criminal activity. They'll feature in GTA:SA no doubt.

I'll post the fans wishlist a bit later

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They gave the Sims (the worst PS2 game I have ever played) 8/10. And MGS2 10/10!

Heh... I remmber once my subscription copy of PCGamer came with a free copy of OPS2. I could see why they were giving them away; pages 50-100 were missing!

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