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SA Modding Guide


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I'm not really and "elite" in GTA SA and need some help with this....

I was trying to install that ghostrider mod that is on "skins and clothes" and I can't just get it work...I have IMG tool and I do as the readme says but I can't get it work....please man help me


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"Can't get it to work" isn't the most helpful description.

What goes wrong? What can't you do? Is there something you can't find? Is there an error message? What don't you understand? If it installs okay, what shows up in the game? Does it crash?

Go through the steps on the first page of this topic, and tell us how far you get so that we can figure out what the problem is, so that we can help you get it to work.

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:wacko: yeah I'm sorry for my bad explenation but I was just heading to training but ok I'll try better now...it stands on the readme files what I should replace in the file "player" I think which is in "models" and I've dowloaded IMG tool so when I click that "player" img tool pops up and I clicked at all files in the IMG tool player file and replaced all files that the ghostrider file had. why doesn't it work? it stands also on some of the files on readme that I can purchase it at binco but well something is wrong so I would be really happy if you can help me. thx

PS.I hope it was a better explenation

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Hi every one, i am new at moding and i have a question when i manually try to install a mod i get to the models thing and this is what it looks like (if i uploaded the pic right) it has no GTA3 thing in it.

i dont know if this matters but yes i am using windows, i changed the taskbar and the windows.


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How do i get the mods for my ps3. I play the ps2 version of gta san andreas on my ps3. How can i install the mods to my ps3.

Okay I won't pretend to know everything about modding, but between all of us put together, I think we could pretty much cover it. This topic is going to be a guide to modding GTA San Andreas, and it's going to be built by you. All you have to do is reply to this topic with some useful information, I'll put it in this post if it's right, and delete your post. It's a simple, fast way to build up a big database of information. Please, nothing about other games, no questions, nothing silly/stupid, and don't repeat anything. Everybody could contribute something. Please reply if I've got something wrong too.

San Andreas Modding Guide

What is a "mod"?

A mod is a modification to a game or piece of software. We're talking about San Andreas, but you can get mods for many other games. A typical San Andreas mod could be changing a car, for example changing the Bullet into a McLaren F1, or changing the AT-400 into a Boeing 747. There are many different types of mod, and a wide variety too.

Can I mod my game?

There are several different versions of San Andreas, including 2 PC versions and 2 console versions:

PC v1: This is the best platform to mod, and the easiest. V1 is the original version of the game, which was hit by the Hot Coffee fiasco. Most shops will not sell this version anymore.

PC v2: Version 2 does not allow for mods that change the main.scm/script.img, gta3.img, or other .img files. It also doesn't allow for memory hacking or real-time memory address altering, so trainers, car spawners, and MTA/SAMP will not work. However, you can still edit the smaller .dat files and presumably audio. It is recommended that you downgrade your game to Version 1.

Playstation 2: Modding the PS2 version of the game is very hard. In order to do so, you will need a dual-layer DVD burner, a blank dual-layer DVD, DVD/ISO creation software, and a PS2 modchip. You must copy the DVD contents to the computer, install the mods like you would on the PC version, make the files into an ISO, and use software to make a bootable dual-layer DVD using the ISO file. You must burn to the DVD, then put it in your PS2. You must have a modchip or the PS2 will give you a disc read error. We cannot provide support for PS2 mods due to copyright/piracy issues

Xbox: See Playstation 2

Vice City or GTAIII: You cannot use San Andreas mods in these earlier games, but VC and GTAIII have lots of mods of their own. Be careful because the process to install these mods is slightly different, because the filetypes have changed since.

GTA1 or GTA2: There are a small number of mods around for these games, but you can't alter classics - you'd take out all the classicness.

Half Life 2 or other games: Yes, you can modify most popular games, but most of us don't know how to do it. This is a GTA related forum, you know!

This guide will mainly focus on PC mods for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas v1.

LINK: How to install a car mod for Vice City

What are the different types of mods?

You can change (MODify) cars, planes, helicopters, bikes, boats, buildings, landscapes, textures, the weather, missions, pedestrians, clothes, characters, speeds, settings, and almost any other aspect of the game you can imagine. You can download trainers that modify what the game is doing as it's doing it, using memory hacks. With trainers, you can spawn any vehicle out of nowhere, repaint cars wherever you are, put cars in garages, teleport yourself around, change your health/armour, pause/changee the time, and modify the weapons.

Who makes mods?

Mods are made by skilled fans, known as modders. Rockstar (who make GTA games) do not make mods for the game. These modders spend months or years learning their trade and making their mods. They all give away their mods for free, although you can buy lots of generic models from other sites that could be put into any game.

Can I make a mod myself?

Probably not straightaway, learning to mod can take quite a while, because you have to use several different pieces of software. It isn't impossible, but making good mods can take years of practice and hard work. By all means, if you have plenty of time on your hands, you should learn - it would be great to have some more modders. Just don't think it is as easy as drawing a car in an application, painting it a certain colour, and installing it in the game. For a start, you must be completely aware of how to install mods into San Andreas and, if you're making cars, be able to change some things on your own (like the handling and carcols). The best place to start would be textures (skins) for buildings, as they don't move or have animations.

I'm afraid that not many people here are modders, and the few that are don't have the time to sit with everybody and show them how to mod step by step. There are quite a few tutorials around the internet, but the best places to start (in my opinion) is by playing around in Sketchup or 3DS Max - and they aren't free either. Your best bet in almost every situation is to download ready built mods. I'm afraid that modders are often too busy to answer every request for a custom car. I've been waiting over 2 years for one from Suction Testicle Man...

Where can I get some mods?

There are loads of mods in our downloads database, and there are more dotted around the internet too.

Is it dangerous to mod my game?

Installing mods does not damage your game, unless you do something wrong. So long as your follow the instructions, and have a basic idea of what it is you're actually doing, you are unlikely to make a mistake. If you do make a mistake, you could either restore a backup (if you made one) or reinstall your game. Reinstalling your game does not get rid of your saved games, they are stored in 'My Documents'. For this reason, it is best to keep a backup of every file you edit or replace. The only file that is usually too big to backup is gta3.img - you should just backup every .dff or .txd inside gta3.img that you backup.

However, if you install a script mod - that is a modification to the main.scm file - you will not be able to use existing savegames, and any savegames you make with the .scm mod you will not be able to use on an installation that doesn't have that mod. Script mods can range from just having all islands open at the start to having all-new missions - they change how the game works and what you do in it, rather than just the look and feel of things. [thanks to slayer] The main.scm won't function with savegames from other main.scms because it generates different function IDs, which confuses it - thus the instant crash is usually imminent.

Installing Mods

There are a number of ways you can install mods. The first is manually (using the dffs and txds), and another is using GGMM (GTA Garage Mod Manager) which is an quicker way to install mods

Manually Installing a car into San Andreas PC v1

This is the most common and popular type of modding, for one of the most popular games of all time.

The basic steps are as follows:

Download and extract the mod, replace the DFF and TXD into gta3.img (If backing up, rename the files you are replacing in gta3.img first, for example, from dumper.dff to dumper_old.dff), replace the lines in handling.cfg, carcols.dat, default.ide, vehicles.ide and carmods.dat (If such replacement files/lines are included in the mod), run the game and test the mod.


1. Extract the mod file(s) to a folder...

2. Open GTA3.IMG with IMG Tool 2, and find the file you want to replace. Rename it for backup.

3. Use the Command/Add option and add the file you extracted in Step 1 to gta3.img.

If the mod has other files such as handling.cfg, carmods.dat, etc...you can simply add those files, but if have previously modified the files then you will need to only replace the required line or your other mods won't work. Open the files in your San Andreas/data folder with Notepad. Replace the lines. If you want to back up the files, copy the one you want to backup to your desktop, rename the one in the data folder (like handlingold.cfg) and move the one on your desktop back to the data folder) Use the regular one for mods.

4. Remember to backup the .dat, .cfg, and .ide files if they need modded.

5. Copy the lines to the files in the data folder.

Using GGMM to install a car mod into SA PC v1

[help needed for this]

Other ways to install mods

[help needed for this]

So, can members please reply with any additions and edits you think should be made, thanks

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So, Is This Forum Not About How To Make My Own Mods. I Need Serious Help With That As I Am Setting Up A Modding Section On My Website.

I Need To Know How To Actually Start Editing The Look Of Things (Cars, Planes, Weapons Ect.) All I Ever Get Is dff And txd Files, Then I'm Stuck!

I've Only Ever Modded Games Such As The Sims So I Only Have A Little Experience.

So If Someone Can Help, Please Send A Message To: [email protected] Telling Me What Tools I Need And How To Start Editing The Look Of My Vehicles And Things. Thanx.

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hi everyone!

At first i like to wish youl a happy new year.(-- BMW M5 e60 by Motzi for GTA: San Andreas [2005] --) I download this file for San Andreas from cars/vehicles section.

I want to know that there are retyping sentences for carmods,carcols,handling.

there isn't a retyping sentence for (vehicles.ide).

because of that i can't see this car anywhere i mean BMW E60 (sultan).



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i have few mods i downloaded from this site for san andreas, i want to put them onto my ps2. can someone help me find a dvd/iso creation software whatever it is? or can i just copy the mods onto the san andreas ps2 disc in the right folder? (ill read the instructions on wat to do)

help me find this dvd/iso creation software.


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Playstation 2: Modding the PS2 version of the game is very hard. In order to do so, you will need a dual-layer DVD burner, a blank dual-layer DVD, DVD/ISO creation software, and a PS2 modchip. You must copy the DVD contents to the computer, install the mods like you would on the PC version, make the files into an ISO, and use software to make a bootable dual-layer DVD using the ISO file. You must burn to the DVD, then put it in your PS2. You must have a modchip or the PS2 will give you a disc read error. We cannot provide support for PS2 mods due to copyright/piracy issues.

And, read this.

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hi i recently installed the alci's IMG editor 1.5 final from gta-worldmods.de and i followed the instructions i found on youtube and i downloaded a police crown vic from the same site. now either if i try to play the game my computer freezes or when i get into game i try loadin my game file and it stops half way through loading. now this pisses me off real bad and was wondering if anyone out there has had this problem and fixed it or has and info on it? i would appreciate if you email me back at: [email protected]



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