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GTA : Sa confirmation list !

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Thought of sharing this out , gotten off from gtasource , credits below .


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Release Date:

October 19, 2004 in North America and October 22, 2004 in Europe


Will be Sony Playstation 2 exclusive

The Story Line:

This is the world that San Andreas' main character, Carl Johnson, finds himself coming back to after spending five years in Liberty City. Johnson left his neighborhood in the ghetto of Los Santos after the death of his brother Brian, who died in a tragic accident. Carl's older brother Sweet Johnson blamed him for Brian's death, leading to a period of estrangement that is broken by the sudden passing of his mother.

On returning home for the funeral, Carl finds his biological family and his former gang, the Orange Grove Families, in disarray. Sweet and his sister Kendall are at each other's throats. His former crew - Sweet, long-time family friend Smoke, and Ryder - have fallen from power on the streets, and are now besieged by both rival gang factions and internal quarrels.

Although Carl is reluctant to get dragged back into the street life, fate intervenes when his crew comes under the thumbs of Frank Tenpenr and Eddie Polaski, who are characterized as a "heavy-duty pair of lunatic corrupt policemen on your case." As always, events soon spiral out of control, and Johnson finds himself on a frantic adventure that will take him across the state of San Andreas as he fights to preserve his family, his gang, and his life.

Main Characters:

Carl Johnson: The main character. (More info coming soon)

Brian Johnson: Carl Johnson's brother who was killed. (More info possibly coming soon)

Sweet Johnson: Another brother of Carl Johnson, who blamed Carl for the death of Brian.(More info coming soon)

Kendal Johnson: Carl Johnson's sister. (More info coming soon)

Frank Tenpenr and Eddie Polaski: Corrupt policemen who frame Carl Johnson. (More info coming soon)

Smoke and Ryder: A part of the 'Orange Grove Families' street gang. (More info coming soon)

Artificial Intelligence(AI):

1) NPCs will think more intelligently and will react if you cause some ruckus around the city.

2) With your hired gang members, you can do 4-person drive-bys on your enemies.

Where It Takes Place:

1) GTA: San Andreas will consist of 3 cities; Los Santos (L.A. based), San Fierro (San Francisco based), and Las Venturra (Las Vegas based.)

2) Each City will be the same size as Vice City.

3) The map will be 4-6 times larger than Vice City's map.

4) Parts of the city will be unlocked as you progress through the game.

5) Hills will make a return, along with the addition of mountains.

6) Large countrysides will be available to travel through.

7) The environment will be more intricate and more interactive.

8) There will be a desert.

9) There will be many unique interiors, restaurants, and even a casino.

10) Interiors will be more interactive, and not just detailed save points.


1) New streaming and rendering techniques have been used.

2) Graphics engine has been overhauled.

3) Radial lighting is being used to create more realistic shadowing.

4) Real time reflections will be used on windows, mirrors, and cars.

5) Soft-shadow lighting will be used in interior levels.

6) Independent models for night and day will be used on everything in the game.

7) "Impact Animation" or ragdoll physics will be used. (Think of Hitman 2.)

8) You can rob houses.

9) You can build and run a casino.

10) Characters from the past GTA games will make a return.

11) You can recruit gang members.

12) You can take up side missions and learn new skills.

13) In each mission you will learn something new, like skills.

14) Basic tutorials are used during your first missions in the game.

15) You can eat, but eating too much will make your character fat. And you will have to go to a gym to get fit.

16) New animations have been designed.

17) Camera angles and the targeting system are being overhauled.

18) Hand-to-hand combat is being greatly improved.

19) Swimming is now possible.

+more info to come soon!

Vehicle Information:

1) Specialty vehicles can be unlocked.

2) You can ride bicycles.

3) The vehicle physics engine has changed to improve the handling system and open up other transportation possibilities.

Vehicle List:

(All seen in screenshots, but the names of all of them are unknown, and they could be removed at any time)

1) Greenwood

2) Bicycle

3) Linerunner

4) Revamped Voodoo

5) Lowrider truck

6) Blue hatchback

7) Police helicopter (possibly Police Maverick)

Weapon Information:

1) Many new weapons will be added and redesigned.

2) You can dual wield pistols, and possibly other weapons.

Weapon List:

1) Uzi 9mm (basing off VC model)

2) Ingram Mac-10 (basing off VC model)

3) Colt .45 Pistol (basing off VC model)

4) Chrome Shotgun (basing off VC model)

Credit: Fivestar, www.gtagaming.com, and last but not least, Game Informer Magazine.


The following information is from PlanetGrandTheftAuto and it list the main new info which was shown in OPSM2 UK magazine

  • swimming in the game won't be a big part, but you can climb out of your car window if you go into water
  • wheelies can be performed with bikes
  • to pedal a bike, repeatedly tap (X)
  • For the game's opening, you arrive from Liberty City at the airport where Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Polaski (two corrupt cops) pick you up. Instead of taking you home, they drop you off in a rival gang territory where you must get the BMX bike and get away.
  • "Car-jacking has an even more sinister and threatening vibe than before."
  • "The only loading times in GTA:SA are slight pauses when entering buildings."
  • different hair styles that people on the streets will make remarks about
  • People will treat you by the way you dress and look.
  • The game will be five times the size of Vice City.
  • Compared to Vice City, draw distance has doubled in urban areas and is four times as far as in rural areas.
  • Tumbleweed is present in the desert.
  • The auto-target system has been improved in that targets are green (healthy), yellow (below average health) and red (near death).
  • The "Well-Stacked Pizza Place" restaurant returns from Vice City.
  • The cops are very reminiscent of the California Highway Patrol (CHiPs) and ride on motorcycles.
  • Cops can hold on to the back of your car to try to catch you.
  • LSPD (Los Santos Police Department) helicopters are present and look like the Maverick helicopter from Vice City.
  • more cars and pedestrians on the screen at the same time
  • The game is so big that it needs a dual-layer DVD (in case you want to learn).
  • Police helicopters can aim their blades near the ground to stop your car or cut you up.

Will do update if i can find any :)

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Basically, ragdoll physics means, when a guy dies they won't just go into a set, fixed 'death' animation. The way they fall will be calculated, depending on where you shoot them and with how much power. Ragdoll physics is particularly stunning when you kill a bad guy on some stairs: he'll tumble and fall, and all of this animation is being worked out by the game as it goes along, rather than being pre-progammed. Many games have done this before, including Hitman 2 and UT2003.

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err....rag dolls are well.....dolls but are made from cloth (are more floppy).

err....have you seen that "think" driving advert about slowing down?

then if yes remember the boy who get run over flies away about 2or3 metres form the car as it hits him. (instead of gta style were they go 15metres into the air or just lie flat on the ground. even though most of them jump out of the way.) RAGDOLL PHYSICS IS MORE REALISTIC!!!!!


by the way is "SWIMMING" REALY POSSABLE IN GTA SA? ....best be!

see ya! :hi: bye!

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yep but if you cant be drown , that'll make the game bad . It would be good if you can attend swimming lessons and children mocking at CJ for taking lessons at an adult age :P

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I've just updated with some new info from Chris . Although Chris has posted up in the news & annoucements , i thought it would be good to post here too for reference . Take a look !

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