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Fake VCS Screenshots

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Well this was all to prove this guy on another forum that its possible to make better screen shots then his....I wasnt really trying to convince people that these are real lol. All the guy did was get pics of people from VC 86' such as Cortez and then he just added the VCS logo....that was pretty pathetic and I told him so he said "Let me see you do better"....so i did. I know that people could do better then mine so please post your creations in here.

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I dont see any difference in the voodoo pic, but the second one, uhh, the building in the background looks ####ed.

Heres the original voodoo pic. I took out that building and a few other things. In the other shot i tried to make that, as you put it ****ed, building look like it was under construction. It is pretty ****ed.


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