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New GTASA Screens and Info

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OPSM2 UK has 15 new screens! and bundles more info on Rockstars latest awe inspiring game.

Some things we can see in the screens are police bikes, Carl popping a wheelie on his pedal bike, crowded streets and other miscellaneous things like someone holding on to the back of a car getting dragged along

I decided that rather than putting all these scans with the screenshots I would create a seperate page just for magazine scans. The scans are thanks to Dale Massey

Click Here to see the magazine scans

The following information is from PlanetGrandTheftAuto and it lists the main new info which was shown in OPSM2 UK magazine

[*] swimming in the game won't be a big part, but you can climb out of your car window if you go into water

[*] wheelies can be performed with bikes

[*] to pedal a bike, repeatedly tap (X)

[*] For the game's opening, you arrive from Liberty City at the airport where Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Polaski (two corrupt cops) pick you up. Instead of taking you home, they drop you off in a rival gang territory where you must get the BMX bike and get away.

[*] "Car-jacking has an even more sinister and threatening vibe than before."

[*] "The only loading times in GTA:SA are slight pauses when entering buildings."

[*] different hair styles that people on the streets will make remarks about

[*] People will treat you by the way you dress and look.

[*] The game will be five times the size of Vice City.

[*] Compared to Vice City, draw distance has doubled in urban areas and is four times as far as in rural areas.

[*] Tumbleweed is present in the desert.

[*] The auto-target system has been improved in that targets are green (healthy), yellow (below average health) and red (near death).

[*] The "Well-Stacked Pizza Place" restaurant returns from Vice City.

[*] The cops are very reminiscent of the California Highway Patrol (CHiPs) and ride on motorcycles.

[*] Cops can hold on to the back of your car to try to catch you.

[*] LSPD (Los Santos Police Department) helicopters are present and look like the Maverick helicopter from Vice City.

[*] more cars and pedestrians on the screen at the same time

[*] The game is so big that it needs a dual-layer DVD (
in case you want to learn

[*] Police helicopters can aim their blades near the ground to stop your car or cut you up.

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i think its reminiscent of Terminator 2, remember the T-1000 when he is morphed into a cop he runs behind their car and jumps onto it with his arms morphed into those metal things

also take note that Terminator 2 was made in the early 90's so expect more references in the game to it

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