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San Andreas Stunt Video Collaboration


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Nowadays when it comes to stunt videos, we usually always see them coming from dedicated sites such as GTAStunting. However, last year, we decided on our forums to make a video of our own. Unfortunately the project fell through, but earlier this year, a small group of members tried to revive the project, and now their video is finished.

The video, entitled Blackout was mostly organised by Ghost, with stunts also being provided by Slayer, Jace and Engel. It features a good mixture of both aerial, car and bike stunts across the state of San Andreas. Blackout is 5 minutes 47 seconds in length and is quite a large download at just under 95MB.

Click the image to download:


If you're interested in participating in a community stunt video, then fear not, as Ghost also has a Vice City video planned which we're still capturing stunts for. You can check out this topic for more information on that.

If you're not yet a member of our forums, we recommend you sign up today. Registration is free, fast, and easy, and is a great way to get involved with the GTA community.

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What? On YouTube you still download files to temp internet files. This way you can watch it every time you want. I really don't see the point in having videos on YouTube or similar sites. To download form streaming sites you need an UnPlug (extension for Firefox) and a FLV player. It's much easier and better to download it in .wmv or .mpg.

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And the intro was great. Was it scripted?

Nope, it was done on a program called "San Andreas Studios" head over to pawfectfilms.com if you want to d'load it :D

And what was that song btw? I haven't seen the name of it at the outro.

I kicked myself after the four hours of rendering just to realise i forgot to put in the name of the songs, here they are:

Intro: well i downloaded the trailer for the da vinci code and just removed the vocals (thats why its so quiet).

Main: Seether-Remedy

Outro: Him-Under the Rose

I had a lot of problems with my PC why editing this tbh and also i came across a stunting drought, I could not find spots and that was if I was if I had gathered enough interest to do it, i was emeresed in other things, like my biking, but now I'm back on track and I've promise my self to try harder than ever before :D

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