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SCARFACE:The World Is Yours

Harwood Butcher

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Sperm bank is based on rep, I cashed in a few times & noticed it went up every time rep went up. Femmes had no effect

on price.

Your map of LH shows 21 gang nests, you must have missed a couple gang members & they came back. They should show

up on your map after a while.

If you drive one of your cars into the water, quickly bail & as soon as Tony is swimming call for a boat. Your car is returned

to the mansion & if you do it fast enough there's no repair bill (otherwise Bodog Stampede costs $240,000 to fix :cry: )

First retaliation I had resulted in a bomb in my Limo. I called it, got the GANG RETALIATION message, turned around to go

to it & it was up a tree across from U-Gin (downtown front). Bogus!

How you doing on downtown gangs?

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Oh BTW that map isnt mine. Someone put a link to it in the FAQ. I have Scarface on PS2..the map does not look like that-there is only one gang area.

Downtown gangs..they are sorta more difficult. I was close to killing all. Then "kill the leader" He appeared next to me with a M79 (grenade launcher...) then boom. "You fucked up"..ohhh son of a b!tch. That was a nacho mercenaries however. I can wipe out the nacho gang's easy though

I got the storehouse in downtown without too much trouble. The helicopter was so much easier to kill than I expected. Up to islands. Met sandman, then did the nacho mission in his tanker (not dock boss, the one b4). Far out that was annoying. Especially the snipers...The cut scene was sorta dumb..why didnt he just shoot nacho? Made no sense, but it was funny watching him swim. Then i shot him in the head :cigar:

Up to the dock boss mission, but i decided to explore. Ended up on tranqulandia thinking it will be ok..nope..lol..swarms and swarms of gangs arrive. lucky my henchman was on the attack boat. That was like 5 minutes of fun. Gunning everyone down, actually was easier than I thought. Then got a bit further in the island, and had to swim, then they killed me while in the water. I did get to use blindrage like 4 times though.

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Well...confirmed that the 'glitch island' works for PS2

It was pretty insane, just run back then forward and theres like another 6 leaders...The only real problem I had (until I died) was running out of bullets

But..I got hit with the M79 then fell, then got up to trigger blind rage, and befoer i was up i was hit with another 2 grenades..

There goes ~1.4mil dirty cash & ~2000g :pissedred:

I guess I wasnt close enough....

Take 2

Did ok this time, killed again @ ~750k though

Take 3

this time I was ready, I got around 800g and about 600k (after heat payed down) then quickly called floatplane cos I was surrounded with no health...made it back and laundered the cash

:tongue: pirates u neva catch me :tongue:

oh and im up another rep level after doing distribution twice (30kg once and 7kg another time) and gettin cars n stuff - got the first few investments, legal,finance,sports and defence(locked) still left to get

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I mean running out of ammo on hand...theres lots in locker, I just go to the boat and refill.. Then every 2 or 3 refills I go to weapons dealer and max the ammo. I had a good run over there, got about 1.5mil and ~4000g.Then used the floatplane for quick escape

Im lv7 now...I noticed the bank interest rate is your reputation level...its 7 now...bought montana sports (i know sorta useless but i only had 20~mil)

I was doing the front missions for south beach, the macau fast food and chi peso...chi peso WHAT A PAIN IN THE A$$...stupid retard restaurant owner loves running out in the open. I did what the FAQ i got said to do - call the odin vh88 (tip truck) and park it in front of the entrance...that worked perfectly

So...I have 90something /105 exotics i think

All henchmen

All cars except whisky ghost

All boats except yacht

All furniture

All decor

The cheaper unique collectibles (everything up to and including $2mil)

montana fitness,sports,holdings,records,productions (need legal,finance,defense)

Im happy I bought montana holdings before, now the fronts are 10% cheaper...i remember north beach fronts are bloody expensive

Once you get montana defense, does that mean u can hold much more than 999 in locker? whats the max amount? post a screenshot if u can

Montana defense...omg..so expensive...60mil far out...thats like 4 30kg distribution runs (probably 5) - but i only own downtown and havana...after getting south beach it becomes a huge pain because if you start in south beach, then "babylon club under attack"...OMFG. And if u start in downtown, the front under attack is usually in southbeach

Sometimes the fronts under attack can lead to big problems...eg one time I ran in there, guns blazing, then someone came from behind a chainsawed my arm off..i know your about to say "but didnt u hear" but i play with my own music on aswell, so i dun rly hear the game much. i turn subtitles on for that aswell as the fact its funny hearing what people say...

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Your locker stays the same, but what you carry on your person goes WAY up. I think 400 rounds for pistols & 900 for

assault rifles. I have no idea WHERE tony puts 200 RPG rounds, but he has 'em.

Good tactic w/ the Odin at Chi Peso, never thought of that one. Usually call up the Bodog Stampede & hang to the middle

of the resteraunte when I go inside for the last part of the firefight. Yes, the manager is a retard.

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Start here, should be able to pick up a used console version for around $10-20. Only real advantage of PC version is

mouse support for aiming, I think price is about the same.


Turn down the volume, Tony uses a lot of bad language your dad might not approve of. :lol:

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$770 million, you got a lot there, how many distribution missions did you do to get that?

I haven't touched this game in a while but I have started it again, I never really finished it, I did all the missions and killed Sosa but I didn't buy all the exotics or kill all the gangs. I am going to try and do that this time.

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All the gangs that can be, the trailer court & docks always come back. In the Islands, you get rid of most of the little

gangs by the time you get to "Tranqualandia". Glitch Island seems to be permanent.

If you haven't followed this topic, look back a few pages for a few pointers w/ henchmen.

Happy Holidays & enjoy.

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Make deals & build rep to buy the driver, enforcer & boat pilot henchmen. Driver & enforcer have nice toys you can put

in the trunk of your cars. Arms dealer gives you instant access (by phone) to ammo, but I usually just pick it up from

dead gang members.

LEARN SPANISH NOW! turn on the subtitles to translate a wide variety of phrases! :lol:

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Youve only just started, but once you own the store house, make sure you've killed majority of gangs in little havana to avoid trouble when distributing (extra trouble that is) because if there are "attackers" and you shoot a non attacking gang member who is just hanging around you start gang war = abit of a problem...

make sure you get either bandit or orient as like one of the first things, both are tons better than the QM convertible in all areas, and it makes it a whole lot easier

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Yeah, I'm to the point where I can take over the Marina storehouse. Is there anyway of going back and rubbing out the other gangs in Havana? I missed two.

Oh, and I'm up to 'level 4' on the Rep meter.. thing. Which would allow me to buy Keys in 50K quantities, yet I ALWAYS get 20K or below? Is this because I haven't passed Downtown yet?

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Hmm thats a little retarded...I think that it could be cos you dun have floatplane (seaplane thingy, cos $50k is island dealer i think)

By always, how many times have you tried?

5 + ?

Yeah of course you can go and kill the gangs in little havana...if you dont mind cheating (not really a huge cheat) use the code "MARTHA" which just changes the time of day, so if you see a grey skull (inactive gang) then use this til there active..

Also i reccomend getting a silencer for your micro smg, or mac10 (idn if unlocked yet)...the 45 automatic is good, but not good enough for gang wars...there are some gang nests near the roads, and if you shoot alot you will probably get a "lose the cops" thing, which sometimes isnt a problem cos u can just outrun them, but sometimes is..

What car/s do you use for distribution? Have you unlocked/purchased the Conick N29? That is a very fast car, good for distribution..if you havent unlocked that yet, then use lakota fastback..

I think you should umm...like..do felix leads + distro, buy exotics until you reach lv5 or 6 (if u can be bothered to get to 6) so then you unlock stronger guns eg carbine assault rifle (M16, the one in the first mission), MAC10 (very good smg, much stronger than micro smg), m79 (grenade launcher), and make later missions a bit easier

Also umm...make sure you have the limo, floatplane, and a fast boat (eg picklefork or anything faster) so you can smuggle your 50k deals back without too much trouble (slow boat, getting attacked all the time)...also keep in mind you can go through ANY border of the islands, you usually do deals close to south/east borders, so just go south and its much quicker...also dont take a shortcut (or go past) tranquilandia, cos they will send a heli which will f*ck u up

There are some maps of gang nests(net somewhere, i searched for 5min), there was one in my mates strategy guide (tells you type of gang, location, extra comments eg leader has m79 or they use a boat) but i dun have that anymore otherwise id scan for u

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Ah, okay, thanks. I've gotten pretty far since then, I'm doing the $100,000 deals in the Islands. That was it, I hadn't opened those up yet. I've been using the attack boat so far, but I just got the racing one so we'll see how that is (:

What happens when you run into the coast guard?

Oh, and I use the Humvee thing for Distribution, haha. I'm a bit paranoid :lol:

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Tell you the truth I DONT know...

Never really tested fate... although I wanna just see what happens...perhaps the same as if you get busted by cops...lose coke (grams) + dirtycash, obviously the coke you were bringing too

when my friend came over, then he's like ohh boring your just driving around (distribution)....then gang members start attacking...i got sorta cut (over the top) at them...you wanna f*ck around...OK!. pulled out missile launcher and blew them sky high from 5m away...lmao...then im like..ok yeh..now what!!

the hummer (stampede) has excellent armor, but so slow...havent you ever got those mega bitch times when u do distribution eg..i start at marina storage, get package from ogradys liquor, then "Pedro's pawn shop is under attack!"...and then it takes you a while to get there..it would in hummer..i always use my fastest car..

Yeah racing boat is the best, attack boat is a little slow but i didnt think you were so far..

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