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SCARFACE:The World Is Yours

Harwood Butcher

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I installed it on Vista the other day and the graphics screwed up, my character was a horizontally standing poly with no texture. Not to mention how screwed up everything else was. I tried driving the Police car like this, and all i could see was a texture saying "Police" in the screen.

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Gee, thanks wreck the game for everyone. <_< Even though it seems kinda obvious, you could put a spoiler tag on it or something.

Edit: Oh never mind my bad the topic title even says spoilers. Sorry.

Damn sorry man, real sorry I didn't know you didn't want to know the ending,

Wu Zi Mu I would want to go back to Bolivia because it looked good but its only there for one mission. Shame.

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Heh, I was just kidding well sorta. Doesn't really phase me when people spoil games for me (doesn't mean you start spoiling every game you know for me :P ) But yeah it doesn't even matter here cause the topic title said spoilers anyway. Back on topic though. It sucks that you get to go to Bolivia only once, basically the same as going to Liberty in San Andreas. But in that case you could go back after a couple of cheats and flying through walls :P , maybe there's one for Scarface?

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Well I'm some what glad that they spoiled it for me because right before that mission I'm going to save an extra file so I could re-play the mission and f*** around there. I knew right away that we were eventually going to kill Sosa after I killed 2 other main people from the Scarface storyline. I'm practically at that mission because the mission part that you could bring up says "Kill Sosa"...pretty obvious. Anyways, I'm just trying to get up to $60,000,000 so I could buy an investment that allows me to have inifinite bullets.

EDIT: BTW, there are no Collector's Editions that you could buy now...at least not new.

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Heh, I'd do that too (the extra save file and I also did it for SA on the Liberty mission). Can't get the Collector's Edition anyways for Xbox but I just want the game! Sounds so good!

Well it is so good. :D

I have a lot of missions saved from all the GTA games I have. Never know when you want to reply a mission.

Anyways, I'm at a little over $45,000,000 so I almost have enough to buy the investment. :thumbsup:

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Well sorry for the double post and bump again, but I FINALLY BEAT SCARFACE!!! The last mission was a pain in the ass, but still fun to play. I'm thinking about going for 100%, but not quite sure yet. There have been a few of you that have already beaten it before me, so if you have any further comments on the last mission or anything pertaining to something after that mission, post about it here.

I thought the last cutscene was pretty cool, with Tony in the hottub.

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Of course I watch the Movie, its my fav!

Can You cruise in the game? similar to GTA?


Anything else I should know good about the game, and the bad things about it?

You could free roam and I think it's fairly like GTA, but there are minor things that sort of suck such as you can't jump. But there are good things that GTA doesn't have that I wouldn't mind seeing in GTAIV such as being able to put furniture in your mansion and actually buy cars that you could have driven to you when you want to drive it. It's not as good as GTA, but I can say it is better than Driver and Saints Row.

That game pisses me off, seriously, every f***ing time you go to the f***ing islands, gang trucks are always hiding in the SAME bush, waiting to shoot at you.

And no aircraft. :thumbsdown:

I find it easy to kill off or give the gang trucks the slip, which is easy...because they hide in the same bushes. There is an aircraft, but you can't fly it yourself, which does suck, but just because you can't fly in a video game doesn't mean it sucks. If that's all that makes a game good, than games like Warhawk are the best games you could get.

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