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The Big Ass Firefox 3 Thread

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Insert firefox icon


Firefox 3 - Windows

Firefox 3 - Mac OS X

Firefox 3 - Linux

Tips and Secrets



This page credits ALL the developers of Firefox.


This page shows all the plugins in your version of firefox.


Firefox stores copies of recently visited pages on your hard drive. You can see how much space this cache is using. You can also see what sites are stored in your cache, and visit them.


This page shows you Firefox's configuration. You can also change configuration settings, but don't change it without knowing what you're doing.


This page displays a page from the Book of Mozilla.


General information about your browser



DOM Inspector

DOM Inspector is a tool that can be used to inspect and edit the live DOM of any web document or XUL application.


Allows you to customize the way a webpage displays using small bits of JavaScript.

Web Developer

Adds a menu and a toolbar with various web developer tools.


Download Statusbar Can't live without it

View and manage downloads from a tidy statusbar - without the download window getting in the way of your web browsing.


DownThemAll is all you can desire from a download manager: it features an advanced accelerator that increases speed up to 400% and it allows you to pause and resume downloads at any time!

FlashGot Recommended

Download one link, selected links or all the links of a page together at the maximum speed with a single click, using the most popular, lightweight and reliable external download managers.


DownloadHelper is a tool for web content extraction. Its purpose is to capture video and image files from many sites.


Gmail Space Recommended

This extension allows you to use your Gmail Space (2.8 GB and growing) for file storage.

Gmail Manager

Allows you to manage multiple Gmail accounts and receive new mail notifications. Displays your account details including unread messages, saved drafts, spam messages, labels with new mail, space used, and new mail snippets.

Better Gmail

A compilation of the best Greasemonkey Gmail enhancements in one extension.



Advanced Eyedropper, ColorPicker, Page Zoomer and other colorful goodies.


Turns Idle FireFox into a ScreenSaver and Photo Viewer! Nice non-offensive pictures updated daily!


StumbleUpon Can't live without it

StumbleUpon lets you "channelsurf" the best-reviewed sites on the web.


This simple extension adds a "Restart Firefox" item to the Tools menu. You can also use the Ctrl+Alt+R


Bypass compulsory web registration with the context menu via www.bugmenot.com.

Music and Videos

Foxy tunes Recommended

Do you listen to Music while surfing the Web?

Now you can control your favorite media player without ever leaving the browser and more...


Allow you to launch embed video of website in an external application with a simple click


FireShot is a Firefox extension that creates screenshots of web pages.

Unlike other extensions, this plugin provides a set of editing and annotation tools, which let users quickly modify captures and insert text and graphical annotations.

RSS, Atom etc.


Displays RSS, Atom, parsed HTML and NNTP feed in a scrolling area the status bar. Compatible with podcasting RSS which can be downloaded directly.

It's also a good Gmail notifier.


Sage is a lightweight RSS and Atom feed aggregator extension for Mozilla Firefox. It's got a lot of what you need and not much of what you don't.


NoScript Recommended

It allows JavaScript, Java and other executable content to run only from trusted domains of your choice, e.g. your home-banking web site.

Adblock Plus Recommended

Install Adblock Plus now and get rid of them. Right-click on a banner and choose "Adblock" from the context menu - the banner won't be downloaded again. Or click Adblock Plus icon in the toolbar to see all elements of the page and block the banners.

Adblock Filterset.G Updater

This is a companion extension to Adblock or Adblock Plus and should be used in conjunction with it.

PasswordMaker Recommended

PasswordMaker manages all your online accounts using either new, uncrackable passwords it creates, or your existing passwords. It even automatically populates webforms for one-click login.


Warns users about risky websites that try to scam visitors, deliver malware, or send spam.

Tabbed Browsing

Session Manager Recommended

Session Manager saves and restores the state of all windows - either when you want it or automatically at startup and after crashes.

Tab Mix Plus

Tab Mix Plus enhances Firefox's tab browsing capabilities. It includes such features as duplicating tabs, controlling tab focus, tab clicking options, undo closed tabs and windows, plus much more.

Tab Catalog

Shows a thumbnail-style catalog of tabs.

Basics Recommended

Adds a "new tab" button to the tab bar.

Tab To Window

Open a tab in a new window.

Join a tab to an existing window.

IE Tab Recommended

This is a great tool for web developers, since you can easily see how your web page displayed in IE with just one click and then switch back to Firefox.


Noia 2.0 (eXtreme)

This is a fully skinned version. This theme is based on the Noia 2.0 icon set by Carlitus


Simple and unobtrusive theme with clear, colorful icons.

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I'll add in the links later but here are some decent ones.




Gmail Notifier



Bookmarklets for easier porn browsing (drag these links to your bookmarks bar in firefox)

EDIT: Can't paste javascript for security reasons, I'll try to find the site that lists them all.

EDIT 2: I see you already put videodownloader and flashgot.

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I use two firefox extentions:

Colorzilla - a colour dropper, selects any colour on the page or an image and displays its value in RGB and Hex

Web Developer - a toolbar with masses of functionality, including css/html editing (of the site you're viewing), css/html validation, image viewing (+locations), element outlining (useful for fixing tables/divs) and quick options (eg disable JS)

I also make good use of the bookmarks toolbar, having an icon at the top of my screen for all the sites I visit regularly.

Not to mention you can download Firefox 2.0 already from Mozilla FTP...

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So yeah, it was supposed to be released tomorrow.


Never put shit on your FTP servers early


Notice sexified buttons and inline spell-checker for internet forms.


The good news is that 6 out of my 9 installed extensions work, the ones that don't are:

gtafcode (Post as IMG, post as URL, etc...for IPB-based forums)

SearchPluginHacks (Nothing much, don't worry about it, it doesn't concern you)

Fasterfox (Eh...didn't help me THAT much)

Anyway it's sexy and I really think you should get it!

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Good, I've been looking forward to the final release of 2.0, I didn't bother with any of the beta's or RC's. I hope all my extensions work.

P.S. The link chris82 posted is for the US locale. If you live in a different country you'll likely want your localised version for the built in search engines and dictionaries etc.

Click your language here and get the setup file: ftp://releases.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.or...ases/2.0/win32/

And BTW when you posted that it was still 23rd in USA, it was the 24th already here and throughout the rest of the world actually, yeah only North and South America were still in yesterday, so it may not have been an accidental early release. Having said that, Check for Updates in my 1.5 still isn't finding anything...

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I just installed 2.0 right over my 1.5 install.

BTW sorry, but you guys are lucky having a day before us...except when it comes to GTA being released.

And the Mozilla page still isn't showing 2.0 as the release...

EDIT: Firefox addons/Firefox 2.0 threads merged and pinned.

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There are big differences between IE and Firefox.

Firefox is faster, more secure, better at displaying web pages and you can download thousands of themes and extensions to add functionality to the browser. IE7 is just a copy of a lot of Firefox's features such as tabbed browsing. Firefox 2 goes one step further and adds things like an inbuilt spellchecker.

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SQL error: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (11)

SQL error code:

Date: Sunday 29th 2006f October 2006 04:11:14 PM

I got this error a few times...

but that's off topic so

If I install firefox IE will still stay on my com right?

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