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that robot mission


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Not sure if its the same but try this code. Cant remember all of it. I think the first three are 923 or 932. If it is random than all you need to do is go to the first one and go up to (1), then there will be those color code things, I think green means its in the right place and blue means its the right number but wrong place and then red means it isnt the right one at all. Anyways just keep doing that untill it tells you that its the right one for that slot or the right one but different slot. If its in the wrong slot immediatly move it down the line until it finds a match. Go back to the first one again or the next one that is still blank and select the next one until you get another match or right one in the wrong slot and then move it again. Hopfully you know what i mean because its hard to explain.

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nvm i beat the game. it was the one where you had to protect lance when he going to mendez's mansion. Hey do u know if theres another place to get jetski's because the one on prawn island starts a side mission now and when you cancel it, it kicks you off the jetski

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SPOILER: i think the code i something like 8124, ut if you manage to get on green 'o' and one blue one, you can pretty much say you've done it...

8123, just to clear this up, good find luburgh, great job...

No, you got it wrong again. It's


Damn, you're right, god i must've been drunk not to realize that AND i was looking at my phone, Christ on a bike... LOL :rofl2:

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