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  1. Do you guys think sony's announcement of having the ps4 available by this Christmas is what caused the delay? Errgh. Sony probably wants to have a big name game pushing people to buy its new system. Honestly, if I were a sony exec I would pay big big BIG bucks to make gta v a ps4 exclusive. Don't think thats the case at all though, at least I really hope not lol
  2. i dont like how hard it is to understand little jacob..haha
  3. basejumping/parachuting side missions would be pretty cool(sorry for going off topic)
  4. i bought mine from the internet, it was the first thing ive ever bought off the internet. bought mine off amazon.com
  5. i think a new bike like the a chopper would be cool. i dont know if this counts as a vehicle, but i want the parchute back...just think, parachuting from skyscraper to skyscraper to find easter eggs.....
  6. lol nice ending....i can't believe i didnt jump at the end, im usally a scaredy cat lol
  7. i think it would be funny if there was a miniture king kong hanging off the point of the empire state building or something about king kong around it. i wonder if there will be a 9/11 tribute? EDIT: i was also thinking there might be the tunnel that had the hobo's in it like in gta3
  8. there will probably be hostages, but it will definately be more complex than it was on saints row
  9. maybe a little bit like it. but when i hear it it really doesnt remind me of the gta trailer
  10. i dont think rockstar will do it b/c it would seem like they were copying saints row....but i think rockstar could pull it off 100 times better than saints row did
  11. and if you keep reading down thru that topic.....everybody is doubting him, including me. his "desription" of the demo sounds exactly like saints row
  12. i think there will be gangs like the mafia and stuff, but i dont think they'll have gang wars
  13. i'm not really surewhich will be better.. ps3 will probably have better graphics, but im loving the xbox 360 downloadable content. im going with xbox
  14. luburgh likey......i like your editing and i thought the parachute stunt was pretty original...at least ive never seen it its a pretty good video
  15. hmmmm nightshade darklight pyroshade rePlay xenodox--lol
  16. some of al gore's charts/predictions may have been a load of b.s......i never once heard him state a source about exactly where he got his information. he'd always say "based on information from my close friends studies" and stuff like that......i dont think the world is going to end in 50 years...maybe more like 500..or 1000, global warming will be slowed down.
  17. gtaiv's competition for game of the year will be halo 3.
  18. tim mcgraw- don't take the girl i know its country,(im more of a rap guy myself) but this song makes me sad
  19. i just saw that film today...in my high school history class, i never thought i'd come home today and see it on thegtaplace forum..
  20. firekill, legendkiller, P man(lol b/c of ur last name),ummm Take5ive. thats all i can think of off the top of my head, i always use my last name for just about everything hmmmm cjp= chrome jetpack CP Pyro rhinodick is one of my personal favorites
  21. im pretty sure that your friend is lying
  22. its half raining..so i guess its freezing rain..but we are in a level 3 snow emergeny...so we are not supposed to drive, interstate is shut down
  23. i would say yes i would beat the [email protected]@@ outta him what would you do if one morning you woke up and your penis was gone?
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