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There is some new info from a couple of recent magazines. Namely GamePro and EGM.

- There are now underwater missions

- When using a powerful weapon close-up it will remove the body part completely

- If you ever get lost, you will receive a phone call on your Cell Phone to put you back on track.

- There could be kids in the game, it also has ‘make a quick getaway on some kids bike’ and ‘There is so much going on. Cars, bikes, citizens, gangs, kids’. Then remember there is an amusement park.

- There is a mention of CJ being able to surf, but it’s not confirmed

- You can do certain stealth kills with melee weapons, each weapon having a different animation. E.g. with a knife you impale the blade into their necks.

- CJ actually has his own crib in Orange Grove

- Peds can sleep and also you can do stealth kills while they are sleeping too

- You can visit shops, markets and drug related businesses in Hashury

- You can play basketball by yourself or take on other people

- There are pubs in the country towns

- Angel Pine is the size of 2 Vice City Blocks

- There is a motel up on Mount Chiliad

- You can also add artistic designs on your car at TransFender

- You can now power slide with the handbrake, and not so stiff and quick like previous GTA’s.

- Not only does your cars structure get damaged, but modifications made on your get bent and wrecked too.

- You can fly 3x higher then in VC

- Gambling is a stat and is increased based on your maximum bets

- You can only play at some tables if you are a high roller

- Recruiting gang members depends on your respect level

How Turf Owning Works:

To take over turf you go to enemy territory and start taking out the rival gang. After you survive a couple waves of attacking, the turf now belongs to OGF, and as such they will start spawning on the street. Every now and then someone from a rival gang will try to take the turf back...So you got to scrap together a posse and defend it.

Thanks to FreshRollyG and GTA-SanAndreas.com for this news.

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The turf thing seems cool :D

yeah, the turf wars are gonna add an awesome element to the game - i wonder what happens later on though - when you're all big and mighty with your own casino - do you still have to head back to the hood to protect the OCF's terrotory?

the knife stealth attack thing sounds a lot like manhunt - i'm glad i've got it pre-ordered, there's gonna be a whole load of outcry and complaints when it comes out.

mind you, that didn't exactly affect manhunt last month - all those shops that came out and made big statements about how they were withdrawing the game from their shelves, they're all selling it again now that it's not in the papers anymore

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What am I supposed to imagine with underwater missions? The powersliding isn't necessary in my opinion, but ok.

powersliding will make it more realistic though

and my guess for underwater missions is that there might be a submarine which we can drive, that would be cool B)

No, submarines go too far, in my opinion. The game is called Grand Theft Auto, not Grand Theft Submarine.

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I have a few sound theories about what year San Andreas will occur in, and a few other fun recurring things from the original game.

First off, on one of the new teaser sites (Cluckin Bell) there is a notice about a law suit that took place in 1994. Meaning that San Andreas will take place in either '95 or '96. In accordance with the Darius Fontaine Online Diagnosis-thingie, I am guessing '96, as that's when the internet started. But I could be wrong on that one. It did state early nineties after all.

On the other teaser site (Epsilon Program) we learn of some mysterious cult chanting Kifflom. Gouranga anyone? For those who played the original Grand Theft Auto, you might remember the Hare Krishna-like sect wandering the streets, and if you managed to hit them all in a row with your vehicle, you got the Gouranga Bonus :)

Of course, I might be mistaken.

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I think we may have gotten off to a bad start here. I am a really huge gta-fan, I was merely not privy to that information. I based my theory without knowing that it would take place in '91. Sorry about that, and thanks for correcting me.

ah yeah i didnt mean to sound angry there, i just had a bad day. I just assumed everyone already knew that piece of information

@GTA SA FREAK: are you trying to advertise that site or something, shouldnt really be discussed in this particular topic

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my theory for underwater missions is you gotta kill someone at the beach or you gotta steal some gangsters car... ditch it in the water then dodge the cops O.o

im a bit curious about kids coz im guessing youll be able to kill them like any one else... could raise a few eyebrows in government

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