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    San Andreas' Sexual Innuendos

    To update a small thing, the interstate trucking service previously known as RU Haul has been misspelled. It is named RS Haul, which sounds like 'arsehole'. But I think this list will be incredibly long in the end... -Fred
  2. SpiderJay

    Hijack trains = hijack planes?

    If I remember correctly, you can derail the train by going at top speed into curves and such. And you can walk around inside the train carriages. But I still don't think you'll be able to walk around inside planes the same way. Though hijacking planes, fun as it may be, will not feature in-view cam and controls, you might be lucky and hijack a crewed Learjet, and kidnap them much the same way as with cars. Which of course would lead to diabolical fun and games I want this game so badly... *Drools in his best Homer Simpson-imitation* -Fred
  3. SpiderJay

    Hijack trains = hijack planes?

    I don't think there'll be any in-plane views mate. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I think you should settle for the old school GTA way of flying: Getting directly behind the stick of the flight without stopping for headbashing passengers on the way. Though I admit that the thought strangely appeals to me -Fred
  4. SpiderJay

    No Co-Op two player mode.

    It's kind of you to indulge me sir -Fred
  5. I'm making this thread for you people who used to play the first GTA-games, meaning GTA 1, 2 and London. My story is this: Me mate Kenny and me were having us a deathmatch on GTA 1, city of San Andreas. First one to make 15 kills would win. Not so simple, as both of us were skilled Road Warriors Anyway, we're tied 14-14 (which didn't happen often for Kenny as I was usually superior to him in terms of pure luck, so he's riled up pretty badly as you can imagine) and we meet finally on the Golden Gate bridge. Big car pile-up. He runs out of his car, slides over and flames me good with the flamethrower before I can aim at him. So I'm in flames, and he's already off my screen, running north for all he's worth. So I spray bullets after him in panic-fire, and guess what? I got the ungrateful maggot When the stats screen showed up, I was even declared the victor, even though I fell down from the flames about the same time he took a bullet. I wish I had a camera or something to document his reaction at losing with such small margins. Gave a whole new meaning to the term 'Livid Insane Rage', me mate did. I wonder why I speak in brit-talk. Must be because it sounds cooler to tell stories with a limey accent. Anyways, that's my story. C'mon, let's hear a few more, eh? -Fred
  6. SpiderJay

    Win San Andreas

    Me not living in the U.S. or Canada notwithstanding, I have already also reserved my copy. And I'm paying approximately... <calculates crowns into pounds and dollars> £8.49 or $15.27 for it. Thank you EB Games. -Fred
  7. SpiderJay

    What one is the best?

    I remember owning my mates in GTA 1 and London. Never really bothered with #2 for some reason. Oh well. -Fred
  8. SpiderJay

    No Co-Op two player mode.

    Tooooooold yooooooouuuu sooooooo... I know. I'm a bad person. I shouldn't rub it in your faces. I'm a right bastard me -Fred
  9. SpiderJay

    San Andreas (supposedly) leaked too? NO

    While this serious thing is supposed to be a bad thing, who will it be bad for? Rockstar, or we the people? -Fred Edit: As long as the game is not delayed or corrupted in some way, I will be sorta indifferent to the 'bad situation'.
  10. SpiderJay

    fave car in GTA

    The FBI Car in GTA 3. Damn solid roadgrip on that lil' honey! Moves like a greased gerbil too. Or was that lightning? -Fred
  11. SpiderJay

    San Andreas Soundtrack Launch

    I should have guessed R* wouldn't settle for the old system of previous GTA's of just putting a radiostation on a reel and putting that on playback. This will most definately kick righteous donkey! -Fred
  12. SpiderJay

    When will you be getting your copy of GTA : SA

    I'm getting it on the morning of the 29th. I preordered the thing at my local EB Games, and they're pretty decent about things like this. Gonna get up early, go to town, get the game, and be asocial until february -Fred
  13. SpiderJay

    Who is the coolest member of the forum?

    And I should be added to the list. For I am a Wise and Holy Man with gleaming eyes and clean genitals. Plus my mom says I r0x0r teh str33t. Very direct quoting. Very true. I love my mom. And I love you. "Spider Jerusalem - More famous than Jesus, better dressed than Santa Claus, wouldn't be seen dead on a cross and has never been caught up a chimney. So I deserve your money more." --Warren Ellis -Fred
  14. SpiderJay

    Which forum members would you like to meet?

    I take that as a compliment Chris. Might be difficult to set that up, as I think you and I are from separate places on the globe. I'm norwegian you see Real viking. (Not the Kirk Douglas-in-the-movie-The-Vikings-kind though!) And I suspect you for being non-scandinavian really... However, aside from Chris, I think there's a few other intelligent people on this forum worth meeting for a talk, among which I remember are Millermagic and Precision. Will edit when remember more. Oh, and I have my own female. Lovely girl -Fred
  15. SpiderJay

    The Driver

    Hillary's car has better acceleration. Your car does not reach top speed as fast, but in turn has a higher top speed. Drive by him as fast as you can, and try very hard not to hit anything, and use your handbrake for sharp turns. It takes a few tries, but once you drive decently without slowing down too much, you should be able to stay ahead of him. Which of course is the way to beat him without cheating -Fred
  16. SpiderJay

    Two Player Mode!?

    The talk of a top secret two-player mode is probably just that-- Talk. Don't get your hopes up. R* has already said that there will be no multiplayer. And I don't think they'd try making a co-op mode, what with all the things already put in the game, like eating etc. -Fred
  17. SpiderJay


    You know what would be a great addition to San Andreas? Mimes. You know you hate them, and you know you want to whack'em! -Fred
  18. SpiderJay

    San Andreas' Sexual Innuendos

    Yes, I've seen that one. But let's stick to the topic, eh? This is the San Andreas Sexual Innuendo List, not the Vice City List Btw, adding the new ones to the list soon, Chris? -Fred
  19. SpiderJay

    BIG problem help please!

    Or get a Playstation -Fred
  20. SpiderJay


    Have you copied the desired file into the C:\Windows\System32 folder? -Fred
  21. SpiderJay

    Word Association

  22. SpiderJay

    Maurice Chavez

    I just hope they bring back my personal favorite radio personality, Fernando Martinez. If any one of you ever heard the GTA Vice City Radio (audio) CD's, with the tracks we all know and love, and extra DJ-material not found in the game, you know why I laugh my @$$ off every time I hear that guy. 'Some times when Fernando goes down town, he bring a 'Men-at-work'-sign. I stay down there so long, I bring chips.' -Fred
  23. SpiderJay

    Two New Teaser Sites

    That would only be possible if R* brought back Jenna Jameson. Unless they intend to put the alleged Carmen to do the elder version of ms. Suxxx.. -Fred
  24. SpiderJay

    Woo the shop is now fixed

    But what are the items purchased in the shop for? Can you give me a few examples..? Thanks. -Fred
  25. SpiderJay

    What are you listening to right now?

    Story of The Year - Anthem of Our Dying Day -Fred