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My new bike


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Now look what you've done. Now I'll have to post my bike aswell... :P

I really like the black-red one. However, I think you should put more effort into the first one. It's just a new logo added, you could use a vinyl or two. Since the decals have been removed it looks kinda empty now. Add some new graphics instead. Or play with the carcols.dat and set up trhe colours you want (Ghost has to do this part for me :D)

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Oh, I've made the packer map btw. I'll post it here when I make it all one image.

But what I dislike about those metal parts that the exhausts, probably the only thing somebody would want to edit can't be done. The texture randomly appears, and is always either chrome or carbon fibre. And I really wanted to make a carbon fiber exhaust :cry:

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