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I built a new PC


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AMD Athlon 4000+ Processor (@ 2.4GHz, equivilent to a 3.8GHz Pentium 4)

ATi Radeon x1800GTO PCI-express GDDR3 Graphics Card

Kingston 1GB PC3200 DDR-RAM

250GB SATA3 16mb cache Western Digital hard drive

16x DVD-ROM/RW/CD-ROM drive

10 USB Ports

Gigabit ethernet

500watt psu

I turned these parts:


into this:




Runs awesome, assembled in 4 hours. Windows XP Pro SP2.

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Putt, you dont know the first thing...

I challenge you to build a pc with just:

a mobo,

a HDD,

a graphics card,

and a case.


How do you think computers turn on, oh they have a power supply...

Oh, and good luck without RAM...

And good luck without fans. Is that a computer, or a microwave, it'll be so hot in there, i just cant tell..!

Sorry, i cant hear your feeble insults, because i forgot my sound card!

Oh, no my computer has no software because i have no Optical Drives....

Point made? i think so...


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