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OMG, a serious topic in ma /b/.


We already know that E=mc2 is wrong because it contradicts Newton's law of gravity. E=mc2 says nothing is faster than the speed of light....yet as we know, this is not correct. Gravity is instantaneous, thus faster than the speed of light. If the earth were to move, for example, the moon would somehow "know" it and move right along with it. Same with the sun...if the sun were to move, the planets would follow the sun around, all without ropes.

Scientists have long known that Einstein's theory contradicted Newton's law of gravity, but it's just one of those things they try to keep hush about and sweep under the carpet like it doesn't exist.

So if E=mc2 is wrong, which it is, then we can pretty much be assured that astronomers and cosmologists are not to be trusted because they simply do not know what they're talking about.


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Hello everyone,

As you may know, we tried to hack TM but he was just too powerful to get. So here's what I was thinking we should do, We all will have that bitch and get his account under our control. Currently, we will attack both his RsW and GTA-J account as well.

As it's said, he currently has a virus on his computer is trying to fix his computer up, so we have a chance to get him that way. We also have teams on him, so here's what we're going to do, the main place were are going to attack is his IP, and once we have access through, we have access in getting his computer. :)

We will make him Spam, so SpamNation group... SP8M UNT1L U ALL DI3.


SpamNation Administrator.

:erm: ... Damn! >.<

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what is /b/ but a tremendous waste of time when we could be out fucking these girls instead of posting pictures of them online?

lol at /b/.

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