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777 Royal Jackpot service


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Welcome to Jace's 777 Jackpot


The system works like this:

You pay 250$ (or another amount depending on the amount of credits you want) where after I will use my little Jackpot machine and tell you if you won. If you haven't, 50% of your money will be added to the Jackpot.

If you get something aliened (horizontal or diagonal) you will get 25 % of the Jackpot. However, if you get the 777 aliened, you will get the FULL 100%.

Update 9/9/'07: Added the 50% rule and changed 50% of jackpot win to 25%. Raised the Jackpot from 500$ to 5000$. Price of credits raised. Now a total of 5 picture possibilities instead of 3. Loyalty userbar (addic) rules have been modified. The stall is now more expensive and a bit more difficult. However, if you win you will get much more cash then first.


  • First pay, then play
  • No more then 3 entry's a day
  • You will be notified in this topic if you have won something as soon as I (Jace) am online.
  • If there are more slot's available, also mention the slot you want.


The Jackpot works with credits. Each credit means one play. Everyone with the userbar (listed at the bottom of this post) gets 10% discount. If you are not part of the 777 Royal club (by having the sig located at the bottom of this post in your signature) and you want to be helped the very next time I'm online there will be a extra 10% added. If you wish to use this possibility please state that in your post.

Please read the full post through, if you don't understand something please post it and ask. In your post make very clear what you want to do (i.e. 1 credit for the main slot, use now). If you win then state if you want your winnings to become credits or if you want the money to be sent to you. You can also sell your credits to someone else. In that case both should post in this topic and acknowledging that they have transferred credits. Remember that the price of credits can change without notice, but your amount of credits you have can not.

1 credit(s) : 250$

2 credits : 500$

3 credits : 700$

6 credits : 1300$ (Can't be used all at once)

8 credits : 1400$ (Can't be used all at once)

Note: You CAN use credits at a LATER time to a maximum of 3. This can only be done if you've got more than 1 credit. For people who do NOT have the userbar in their signature (located at the bottom of the post) there is a minimum of 1 day waiting time until they will get the result and if applicable, will get payed.

Important note about the pricing of credits:

The prices given above can change without any notice in advance. Mostly going up if the Jackpot goes up. If it gets to high a new slot will be opened with less money in it. For every percent lower that Slot is of the main slot (Slot 1) will be the price of a credit for that slot. So if the a credit would be 500$ for the main slot and the side-slot contains half the amount of money as the main slot the price for the side-slot would be 250$

Jackpot height:

Slot 1: 5000$

Credit(s) remaining:

TFY: 1 credit

To pay:



We're sorry. We don't have any deal with any other stall at the moment. We hope this will change soon.


2/19/07 - Rashon125 wins 50% Jackpot. That's 945$

2/19/07 - Ciaran wins 100% Jackpot. That's 1163$

2/22/07 - Rashon125 wins 50% Jackpot. That's 507$

2/26/07 - Artur wins 50% Jackpot. That's 450$


Addicted userbar:



Why would you put this in your signature?

First of all by putting this in your signature you'll be part of of the 777 Royal club. This will give you:

-Quicker service

-Discount for credit's.

-Jace's royal 777 Shop (will be launched when store is restocked again) discount. 10%

And extra's for all other stall's made by Jace or run by Jace.

Edited by Jace
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I hope some other people would also come to my shop and find it addictive.. Then it'll be a real active Jackpot, and when someone wins, they'l actually get a big price. Like 15 000$ or something.

Anyways, I'l check in about 15 minutes if you won. But you'l only get the awnser when I'm back (yes, I'm going).

Sorry dude, no win this time.

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