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777 Royal Jackpot service


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Wu-Zi-Mu: special allinement; 150$ You had a triagle.



You had 3 cherry's allined. 50% mate :)

That's 450$


Also, special; 150$


I'm planning to launch a shop that will intergrate with the Jackpot making stuff nice. Like buy a weopon, get a free credit. Or winning a mp5 with the Jackpot or something. Anyone who thinks this is a good idea?

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I know. I'v put you all on the to pay list, I'll pay everything within about 15 minutes.

Cash Wu-Zi-Mu sent.


people who wear the userbar (look at first post, right at the end) get discount on stuff. Just read the fee's and the "why would I put this in my signature" section ;)

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