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777 Royal Jackpot service


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@k9krew: Send cash first, then I'll check.

Remember. You won't be able to win that easily this time 'round. Game has been made a little more complicated, but if you win you will win much more.


Ok. You can lock once. (general rule added)

These are the 5 possibilities:






Align any coin combo (horizontal or diagonal anywhere. Doesn't have to be in the middle) you'll get a free credit.

You've got:

Coin Cherry Coin

7 7 Cherry

Cherry Coin Banana

Would you want to check any of them?

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It's your choice. But since you have 2 7's I would actually check those to and then have 20% chance for 10 000.

But ok.

I'll make up some table later on. Hope I'll have that by today within pictures and stuff. For now it'll be the cheap crappy way..

So now it's:

Coin Cherry Banana

7 7 Cherry

Cherry Coin 7

So no luck this time.. Because you've had the huge wait to use the credit you can buy any amount with 50% discount once.

Remember, you could also buy some amount and then sell it of for a higher price then you bought them here, but under the official price. Read the first post about how to transfer.

Though maybe it's better for you to first wait if this actually is going to be used..

@Silberio: first time. Next time will be a one day wait.

Erm. I've got it. But with check I mean that it's fixed and the others change. Not that row 1 will go again.

Or do you want row 1 again? Looks a little odd to do since you can't gain anything with just doing row 1. There is no possibility to make.

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