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777 Royal Jackpot service


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Currently, we're playing with 3 rounds, each consisting of 3 different symbols/pictures. Soon this will be raised to 4 rounds. Additionally, the jackpot will be raised. I'm thinking about adding like 5000$ to make the game a little more exiting. Ofcourse, the jackpot will also gain hight by people who buy credits. Cause all that money will go into the Jackpot.

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You won 150$

That's the standard ammount for a near win. You almost had three moons allined, AND almost three cherry's. No 7's though. If those where there to, you would have won a certain per centage from the Jackpot.


Checking first credit; do you want to use your second one to now?

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Jace, you never gave me the money I won yesterday. :P Anyway, I'll buy another credit.

You mean the 50%?

Ok, doing that.

yes jace i would like to use the second one now

You didn't yet send the additional 50$ for the second.

Note for myself:

Send Rashon 50%

Send 150 to Ciaran

Wu-Zi-Mu has 1 credit, 2 when additional 50 has been payed.

Rashon has 1 credit.

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