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GTASA Garage at Farm House in 2nd "State" ?


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Yeah, I remember buying a garage which had a little window on its wall.

what do you mean i remember buying a garage.

the house is the house that goes over railroad tracks on top of a HUGE hill and its a Big Farmhouse on the outside and it has like 3-4 barns but i dont know if there is/where the garage is.


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What do you mean by "2nd state"? It doesn't look like you're talking about San Fierro.

Yeah, he should have said "Second Location", so the Badland he's talking about I believe.

Yea...its in San Fierro in the badlands...if you get onto a train and follow the tracks you will come to a tunnel going under the hill that the house is on...and it will be on top of the hill. Thats the house im talking about. I believe it costs 100,000 dollars or so. Thanks

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