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Complete Guide to stunting SA

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Updated 21/01/2007

Complete Guide to Stunting

San Andreas

by DeathCobra


1-Where to start

1.1-What you need

1.2-How to record your stunts

2-The Stunts

2.1-Motorbike Stunts

2.2-Car Stunts

2.3-Aircraft Stunts

2.4-Boat Stunts

2.5-Bicycle Stunts

2.6-Miscellenious Stunts

2.7-Grenade Boosting/Parkour

3-Proving Yourself Using Videos

3.1-Choosing Music

3.2-Assembling the Video

3.3-Uploading and Posting a Video

3.4-Recording Tips

4-The Crews

4.1- The Crews

4.2-Getting Recruited


5-Tips On Stunting


5.2Cheats and Mods

1-Getting Started

1.1-What you need

1.A copy of the GTA:San Andreas game on either PC or PS2 or XBOX. Pc is best since you can record easily and have great quality videos, but both PS2 and XBOX versions are still used by some of the best stunters around that just dont have the PC power for SA.

2.If you do have the console version, youre going to want a TV tuner card. You can pick these up on eBay very cheap and are easy to insall on your PC. But please,dont use a digital camera, the filming is unbearable and you will get flamed for it.

3.For recording your stunts you will need Fraps. Preferabley the full version since this removes the watermark from your clips. If you have the console version, most TV tuner cards come with recording software. If not, youll need this as well.

4.For PC users, getting FP SARAH is advisable, but not desperatly required. It basically renames your stunt replays so that when you save one, it doesnt get overwritten by the next.

5.There are numerous mods that can help you get stunt easier. The most notable of them are a car spawner, trainer and a place manager. These will help you to get stunting quicker by not having to find the right car, drive across the whole state and constantly revive your health.

6.To achieve the best results, get full vehicle skill and muscle. Also get 100% save game so that you have no interferences whatsoever.

1.2-How to record your stunts

1-Console Version- Once youve got your TV tuner car up and running, youre pretty much ready to go.

The best way to record these stunts is at the start of every stunt attempt, press record. This ensures that you dont miss a thing. The number of times I havent bothered recording and landed the stunt is phoenominal.

2-PC Version- If you have FP SARAH, it will make life easier here. Open up SARAH every time you plan to stunt or even if you dont. Select a hotkey to save and rename your file. Direct the program to your SA user files folder, found in My Documents usually and start SA. Once you land a stunt you want to keep. Hit your hotkey. A message will pop up saying 'Replay Saved as date/time'. This means the program has saved your rep and it wont be overwritten by accident.

For those without SARAH, the procedure is really the same. The hotkey to saving reps without SARAH is a default F2(someone confirm this please, i forget). But instead of a message popping up, the file will be saved as replay in your User Files Folder. To stop this file being overwritten, minimize to the taskbar, go into user files and change the name to anything different than replay.

To record on PC, you need to change the file you want to record to replay.rep again, in the User Files Folder. Open Fraps, set the record settings to whatever suits you and enter SA. Hit F3 to view your rep. Hold down the right and left mouse keys and drag backwards or forwards to zoom in/out. To record,hit your designated Fraps key and the yellow number in the corner should go red. This signals recording. Record your stunt/s.

2-The Stunts

2.1-Bike Stunts

The Krail-

A simple enough stunt. When in the air, lean back and to the side and spin 360*. This is best achieved when you hit the launch point whilst turning the bike.

The Corkscrew-

Similar to the Krail. Here you pivot over the front wheel rather than the back. Lean forward and to the side, spin 360*

Normal Spin-

Again, similar to the krail and corkscrew, but without the coolness. Simply lean left or right in the air to achieve spins up to around 720*


This is harder to do. You need to find somewhere to hit the back or front of the bike with an object such as a pole, all while in the air. This can get 1000*+ spins if done right.

The Bump-

These vary hugely. They can send you 10 foot in the air to 100 foot. Find a spot witha small ledge or wall, smaller than the bike. Get some speed and hit the bump while in a wheelie. If done right you can get some nice height, enought to grind, bump another ledge or get onto a roof.

Bike Bump Method (BBM):

Get on a BMX/MTBIKE and stop at a short distance from the roof. Bunnyhop and lean back, you should fall off the bike. Push the bike so it lies in a strait line with the building. Hop onto your NRG and get a good runup. Get lots of speed and approuch the BMX/MTBIKE. Just before you hit the BMX/MTBIKE lean back, just like you would do for a normal bump. Get some good air and land on the roof. Jump back off and do it again.

Thanks to Turtle Dick for this stunt guide.


Get air using any of the methods and land on a roof. Easy, or not?


Same as roofs but harder to hit. Try to get your bike parallell to the billboard and land on the metal platform.

Curb Bump-

This can be done anywhere there is a sidewalk. Run up to the curb, wheelie back so that the back of the bike scrapes the ground as you come to the curb. This should give you a small amount of air that can lead to a larger one via a second bump or grind etc....

Freeway Curb Bump-

For this you need a freeway motorbike. Get some speed and run-up to a curb. Lean forward before you reach the curb and back just before you hit it. This will get you a small amount of air, enough to land a grind or bump a ledge

Drop Bump-

This type of bump requires you to find a spot with a wall that is perpendicular to your runup. First get speed, then right before you reach the wall perpendicular to you, turn so you drop slightly, and lean back so you hit the wall with the bottom/back of the front wheel of your bike. This stunt is difficult because you have to have near perfect timing when and where to drop and you should also try not to turn too much when you drop because hitting a bump at an angle results in less air. Drop Bump Tutorial Vid - made by Master_Yayo

Some very nice examples of drop bumps can be seen in TMS Illusions-click here.

Double Bump- Find a sidewalk that allows you to curb bump that has a small fence alongside it. Get massive speed, Wheelie back to the point right before your bike scrapes the ground and makes sparks, "pole vault" off the sidewalk, continue to lean back so that you hit the top of the fence with the bottom/back of your front wheel. I have tried leaning forward the instant i hit the second bump, and i think it helps. This stunt can get you lots of height and opens up new spots, but it results in less distance gained compared to packer bumps and natural bumps. Double Bump Tutorial Vid - made by Master_Yayo


Find a bike-sized rail. One of the thin ones. Wheelie up to it and center the bike on the rail. Lean back or forward to stabalize yourself.

Packer Bump-

Find a ledge or wall, even a building that is slightly higher than the packers ramp. Place the ramp so that there is enough of the object to bump off. Run up,drive up the packer and hit the bump, sending you into the air

Kerts Suggestion:

If the ledge you´re trying to bump is just a lil lower than the packer, then shoot the front tires, itll lower the angle of the packer. By shooting the rear tires u can get a bit bigger angle.

Packer Bump to Grind-

Same as above but land on a rail to grind on. Do a krail or corkscrew in the air to make the stunt harder.

Packer to tree bump-

Same as packer bump, but use a solid tree to hit off. These are harder to do but work just as well as a regular p2b.

Packer Strut Bump-

Get a packer and line it up with a building or something. If you look closely, you will see 2 small struts at one end of the packers ramp. Us these to bump you into the air and land on the roof/grind etc..

Create a Bump-

The back portion of the packer can go through objects. Knowing this put that end of the ramp through a barrier or something else low to the ground. By doing so you can create a bump that wasn't there before. Example. Put the back end of the packer through the highway barriers in SF, you now have a bump.(thanks to Gotups)

Ground Grabs-

These can be very easy, slow GGs or fast, near impossible GGs. They are actually quite new in terms of stunts average age.To perform one,get some air using any method. Hit the ground with the very back of your bike. You should bail off and slide along the ground, the bike following. Hit enter/exit as fast as you can. You should get back on the bike whilst its moving.

Ground Grab to Fall Grab-

Same as above but just as you get on, fall off a building cliff etc....

Fall Grab-

Push your bike off a high building. Just as it starts to fall, hit enter/exit. If you do it right you should get on as it is falling.

Air to Boat-

Get to a spot where you can get air and land in water. Plant a boat in the water where you think you will hit the water. Get air and land in the boat.

Backwards Stoppie-

These are becoming an ever more common stunt. Originally discovered by kr3mlin, it is a stoppie, but without braking, and you travel backwards. The best way to nail these is to get air and turn the bike 180*. Land on both wheels and lean forward. Sometimes the bike needs encouragement to wheelie. Use a curb or bump to do this. Another way is to stoppie normally, the turn the bike round and hit reverse.

The wing-thing-

A method discovered by Kert that helps you land natural bumps 2 roofs by lowering the height and distance of the stunt.

Click HERE to watch Kert's tutorial vid.

RADs Wheelie Method-

This method is extremely useful for when your attempting large packer or natural bumps. The method involves wheeling a certain way, then coming down at the perfect time, giving you a great boost in speed. You first need to get about 50kmph speed, then lean back until the tail of the bike is scraping the ground. As soon as you see the sparks fly start tapping lean forward as you would normally do on a runup. Control the wheelie suiting to the conditions, making sure you dont put both wheels down too early. When you are coming up to the bump, bring the front wheel back down and notice the big boost youll get if you have done it correctly. Keep tapping lean forward until you hit the bump.

RAD's Method Tutorial Video (YouTube)

Infesteds iBSM Method-

This is a method which allows you to set up a bump at just about any place. You can bump the front wheel with another bike, or hit it in the direction where it has the same function as a ramp with a car, so it works for both land vehicles. Here's how to set it up.

#Do the break 2-car rule trick founded by RAD, and have the NRG you're going to bump as the never-disappearing vehicle.

#Spawn a Monster at the place where you want the bump to be set.

#Drive the never-disappearing NRG under the Monster (you have to lean forward) and go into a wheelie.

#You'll notice the back wheel will sink into the ground after a second or so, when it has fully sunk, exit the NRG.

#Now you will be a bit away from the NRG and your Monster. Go get another bike/car and your Monster will probably be gone leaving you with a stucked NRG.

iBSM Tutorial Video-Youtube

Thanks to infested for this tutorial.

Regular SA BSM-

This method of creating a bump is the most used method to date. The bike you will be using as the bump needs to become stuck in one of the many breakable fences or bus stops dotted around SA. You can then bump the bike and get good air. Here is a video tutorial created by ExPlosion:

2.2-Car Stunts

The Flip-

Basic flips are easy. Just push forwards while in the air to do a single/double flip.


Hitflips are harder. You need to hit the front or back of the car on an object so it will spin faster. This can be done on the SF hills. Push forwards so your nose hits the ground, sending you spinning.


Just the same as a Bike spin. Hit lean left/right in the air to rotate


The same again. Hit the back or front of the cars sides on an object that will cause you to spin.

Barrel Roll/Corkscrew-

Here you should spin the car in a motion that rotates in like a corkscrew. Hit lean left/right and forward/back and you should spin enough to get either a single/double or even triple flip.

Hydraulic Spin-

the best way to do a hydraulic spin is with the Banshee instead of hitting a bump straight on to get a flip hit it at an angle to get a spin. (thanks to gotups)

Car Grind-

These can be done one of 2 ways. The first, and easiest is to simply and the car on a rail so that it slides along with the left and right wheels on opposite sides of the rail. The other is to get the car 90* to the rail and grind it so the front and back wheels are on either side. These can be done with the car facing either way, forwards or backwards, left or right.

Taxi Hydraulic Flip-

Here you need a cabbie or taxi with hydraulics. Get to a road where the traffic speeds along, like the freeway. Race along the road so you are going the wrong way. Line yourself up to hit a car. Just before you hit it, use the hydraulics to jump into the air and bump off the car, causing you to spin and flip.

Taxi Wall Climbs-

Here you need a cabbie or taxi with hydraulics (cabbie often yeilds better results). Firstly, these are not as easy as they are in Vice City. The aim is to go head on with a wall and 'climb' up it. Two main options are: find a wall which has a slope/mound/ramp leading up to it, or to place a packer right in front of the wall. Now just head straight at the wall, with nitro for faster speeds, and then just keep pressing jump/boost and hope for the best. Use your speed to your advantage, the faster you are going the more height you will get going up the wall (this is important because unlike Vice City, your cab will 'pop' off the wall much sooner, ending your climb, so the more speed you have, the higher you will be when this happens). These can also be done when driving along in the direction of the wall (hence going for distance rather than height) and boosting/jumping up towards the wall, getting all wheels up against it, and continually boosting.(Thanks to Dannye_36 for this one)

MiB/Roof Boost -

You need a cabbie or taxi with hydraulics (cabbie often yeilds better results). Find a nice enclosed area (tunnels are good) where the side wall sort of curves into the roof (ie. not a 90 degree angle at wall-roof join). Start to speed along with nitro on, and then jump/boost towards the wall, what you want is for your cab to be on its side (hence all wheels are in contact with the wall), then if you are lucky you can just keep boosting and you'll start to speed along the roof, upside down. Tips: Often the direction you are holding when upsidedown will effect the direction you move (if you hold no direction, hopefully you will go straight, if you are holidng to one side, you may start to do doughnuts on the roof). Also, if you are having trouble making the initial boost/jump to put you up against the wall, during the run up start to swerve slightly left and right continuously, then do your boost/jump just as you are swerving towards the wall.

Thanks to Dannye for this stunt.

Packer to Bump-

Originally a rare stunt, the first time I saw one of these was in XSAs Timecrash by kr3mlin. Now they are becoming more popular. Just set a packer up like you would for a motorbike p2b and make sure you dont crash into the struct on the side of the packer.

Car Fall Grab-

Same concept as the Bike fall grab. Push the vehicle off a building and get in as it falls. Just make sure it is possible(without mods) to get the car up to the spot before you stunt.

2.3-Aircraft Stunts

Small Space Stunt-

Get an aircraft. Find a spot where it is hard to get the plane through, such as a bridge or tunnel. Fly through either upside down or normal.

Bail to Vehicle-

Fly your aircraft past a vehicle and as you pass by, bail so you land on it. As shown by kremlin in Flight Gear.

Airgraft Fall Grab-

Just found this one today. Its the same as the other fall grabs but harder. Get to the top of a tall building. But not too high or it wont work as well. This is best done with a reasonable sized aircraft eg:Hydra,Stuntplane,Dodo etc.. Park it next to the edge of the building. Get out and push the plane off. Just as it tips over, press enter/exit and you will enter the plane. Before you hit the ground. Level the plane out and fly off unscathed.

2.4-Boat Stunts


This is slightly different to land based spins. You need to find a place or ramp that you can hit at an angle and land in the water. Hit the ramp at a 45* angle and you should spin around 180* to 540*.

Mega Spin-

Here you can get boat spins into the thousands. Find a area of water you can enter the water vertically. The best place is the dam in the desert. Hit the dam straight on and come back down nose-first, though entering with the propellars first works better. Enter the water and you should be catapulted into a fast spin. Quite often this results in the boat exploding, so be careful

Boat Airgrab-

Originally discovered by Dannye_36 in VC, and recently re-discovered by Juan, the boat airgrab is very easy to complete, yet offers variety. You need air to nail this. Ramp off and hit enter/exit.CJ will get out of the steering seat and will stand in the middle of the boat. You can either wait until just before you land to enter back into the seat, or go for multiple grabs in one stunt.


These are suprisingly hard to do. Similar to the car corkscrew, this stunt flips the vehicle 360* over its side. You will want a fast boat for this, as with any boat stunt for that matter. Find a vertical wall and plow into it at about 45*. The boat should twist in the opposite direction 360*, land and speed away.

Hit Screw-

Here you need to hit a solid-land object such as a tree or pole. Get air off the shoreline or island and hit the pole with the underside of the boat. This should achieve a corkscrew


Simple. Hit the shoreline and land on a building or bridge etc...

The Flip-

This is a rare stunt. Done well, it will get you a pure flip. You need air again. When in the air, tilt the boat 90* forwards or backwards. Hit an object with a hollow underside such as a bridge with either the front or back of the boat. You will be slammed into a flip, hopefully landing well.

2.5-Bicycle Stunts


Read the Motorbike version and apply the same technique. Either using a bunny hop, or simple hitting a ramp. The former gives best results.


This is different to the motorbike version. Here you need to find a wall or ledge that you can hit from bunny hop height. Get a decent amount of speed and bunny hop to the appropriate height so that you get good height. These can be very impressive if done right. For good examples of a Bicycle Bump, check out SA Smackdown.

Vehicle Bump Method (VBM):

You need a MB or a BMX and a Firetruck (others car can be used too, but the firetruck seems to give the best result) to do this stunt.Bumping a Firetruck with a BMX is very hard, so i suggest using a Mountain Bike to do these stunts.

Place the firetruck infront of a roof, or whatever you´re trying to roof. If the roof is high, then move the firetruck a bit back. It takes a bit time to get the perfect setup.

First try to get as much speed as you can, because the first attempt is usualy a test bump. First off you need to have a good timing, inorder to bump high. Hold on as long as you can before releasing the jump button to get a almost straight up bump (dont use full speed, but dont go too slow). If you´re going for a straight up bump, place the firetruck closer to the building because you´ll get height but not much distance.If you need distance, then approach the firetruck with full speed, and jump just before the truck. Timing is the key. You´ll get good distance and nice height if you jump when you still have a bout half of the Trucks lenght to the firetruck. The bump itself is like a normal bump. Acctuly you wount bump it, you´ll get a extra boost from the car. Just lean back a littel bit. If you lean back alot and you´re trying the straight bump with low speed, then you might fly backwards, away from the firetruck. Practise and timing are the most important things with this stunt. (btw MB bumps alot higher than a BMX)

Thanks to Kert for this long guide.


The bicycle grind is far harder to do that the motorbike version, due to the weight and handling nature of a bicycle. Find a reasonably sized rail. Get some air, turn the bike 90* in the air, land on the rail and grind it down.


The stardard spin is easy to do. Get some air, and lean to one side to achive low rotation spins.

Wall Spin-

Here you can get larger rotations but are still quite low. Find a nice, flat wall. Get a decent amount of speed and approach the wall at a 45* angle. Bunny hop when you are about 2m away from it and get the front /back tire to hit the wall, sending you spinning.


Same concept as the motorbike version, except this time bunny-hopping into this is a better option.

Backward Stoppies-

These are great fun to do, though unless they are particulaly impresive, only use one or two in a vid. Get a small amount of speed, go too fast and you will bail very quickly, go too slow and it will last a short time. Bunny-Hop enough to get a 180* rotation, land on both wheels and lean forward. Hold the stoppie for as long as possible until it comes to a stop.

These can also be done on steep slopes. Cycle up the slope at a good speed, go into a stoppie and start reversing. The bike will remain in a stoppie for the length of the slope. But at the end of the slope, the bike will level out and CJ will fall off. So it is best to spin out of the stoppie before you reach the end.

Wall Grab-

These are best done in combination with another stunt such as a Backwards stoppie. Find a flat wall. Run up to it at a slow speed. Wheelie up so the bike is parallel to the wall. Hit the wall and stop. Press enter/exit. CJ will get off the bike and stand above it.Press enter/exit again to get back on whilst it is still lodged against the wall.

Stoppie Grab-

Here you need decent speed, enough to get the bike stuck in the stoppie position. Stoppie until the bike is vertical. Exit the bike so CJ stands on top. Hit enter again and get back on. These can be done multiple times before the bike falls down.

Fall Grab-

Same as a motorbike fall grab. Read above.

Bike Push Method-

A stunt discovered by Kert, you push a bike off a building, so the bike is facing towards the building you are one, then grab just as it falls. You will be given a boost forward in the air, enough to land inside another level. These are best done in car parks.

The Wheelie Method-

This method allows you to get extra speed on a bicycle by pulling and holding a wheelie, whilst accelerating at the same time. Here is a video tutorial made by Fugitive:


Catapulting is a new method of getting massive height and spins on bicycles. First you must find a burnt out car. These are often found in the sewers or in the slums of Los Santos. You cannot drive these cars, as they are destroyed, but they are movable by explosives. When you find a burnt out car, put a bicycle of any kind onto the car, and make sure it is upright. Then throw a grenade next to the car and just before it explodes, jump onto the bicycle. If dont well you will get up to 300ft height and 4000* rotation. Here is kr3mlins tutorial, with videos of how to do it:

Catapulting Tutorial

2.6-Miscellenious Stunts

Quad Somersault-

Simple enough and not that impressive. Get some speed on a quad, start stoppieing. Continue the stoppie until the quad does a full forward flip.

Quad Wallflip (using cheats):

Head to a wall and wheelie to it, when your parallel to a wall press the L3 or R3 button witch you will jump and flip . Hold down and turn your hydraulics on high when you land for better suspension

Quad Flatland spin (using cheats):

Turn your Hydraulics on high so you have more ability to balance , press x to drive ( put nitro on for the sickest spins *

for a few seconds and press down ( wheelie ) so you spin with the back on the ground , do it perfectly for the sickest spin.

Quad Wallrides (using cheats):

Similar to the wallflip. find a hill witch lead to a wall or house or something and wheelie to it , dont drive straight at the wall.

hold left or right to ride on it and wallflip out .

Faggio Stoppie grab:

Find/Spawn a Faggio (scooter). Accelerate to top speed, start to stoppie and continue stopping until the faggio is 90* to the ground. The bike should be stuck in the ground for a short period. In this time, press enter/exit mulitple times until you complete the grab.

Faggio/Sanchez Backwards Stoppie:

Again, you need a Faggio or Sanchez. Find a steep hill. The slopes in San Fierro work best with this stunt. Accelerate up the hill as fast as possible. Try to stoppie up the hill. If you do start to stoppie, let go of all the keys except lean forward. Just before you reach the flat at the base of the hill, spin the bike round so you dont bail when both wheels touch down.

Monster Dynamics-

Monster dynamics involves you driving a monster truck into a car in a certain way, and being catapulted to huge heights due to the energy it builds up. This method is hard to explain so I will leave it to kr3mlin to explain in his tutorial:

Monster Dynamics tutorial

2.7-Grenade Boosting/Parkour

To do a high jump:

Throw the grenade at lowest strength, and just walk towards it. When you are on it, jump as fast as you can. This will send you a good bit into the air. Because you jump before the grenade goes off, it will be a "controlled" jump, meaning you can hold on to ledges, and you will land on your feet.

To do an even higher jump:

Same principle as the one mentioned above, except you plant the grenade lying next to a wall. Then stand next to the wall (face against wall) and jump as the grenade goes off. CJ will raise his arms above his head, giving you the ability to grab ledges even higher.

To do a diagonally directed jump:

Throw the grenade at lowest strength, then wait a short while. Then start running into the grenade, and again, when you are on it, jump.

To do a very long jump:

Throw the grenade at lowest strength, wait like 0.3s, and start sprinting towards the grenade. You should know how long it takes for the grenade to go off (I think it is like 2.5s, haven't timed it) for this. Keep running after you've passed the grenade, and when you know it's about to go off, jump. This will send you pretty far, although you dont get that much height.

To do a pretty long jump the impressive way:

Stand a bit from a ledge, and throw a grenade at medium strength. It should bounce into the platform you're on before it falls down. Then run as fast as you can, and jump. If done correctly, the grenade should blow a bit below the roof, giving you a small boost.

To do a pretty long jump in another impressive way:

Same idea as the above mentioned, except you throw the grenade at lowest strength when by the ledge (you cannot be that high for this one) making it land on the ground under. Then jump, and hopefully the grenade will go off as you are just above it, working like a trampoline.

To do a jump around a corner:

This takes some training. You will need to have a wall behind you that is connected to where you stand. Throw the grenade at full strenght on the wall beside you with an angle, so it bounces off to the left/right. It will blow while in air that way. Jump diagonally into the air, crossing the corner. Jump against what you want to land on. When the grenade blows, it should be behind you, sending you towards the goal. If done correctly and done on a possible place (would be pretty hard to do the impossible, right?) you will hang on to/land on it.

To make a turn whilst in midair:

This takes some training too. It is a mix between the two above mentioned, low height, and the whole part about making the grenade explode beside you (in midair). Throw the grenade on a platform just below you, and jump so that you are beside the grenade. If done correctly, the grenade should go off when you are beside it, making the jump change direction. This is shown in my vid, although the change of direction is not that visible (its where Im on that Chinese "roof" hanging out of the wall, when Im climbing onto the first roof of the second roof-combo).

Thanks to Infested and kr3mlin for this full section

3- Making Videos

Many stunters are choosing to make videos to show off theyre skillz, much like extreme sportsmen. So this section will run through the basics of making videos, but I am no expert at editing myself, so I will leave that infomation to the guys in the Video Editing section.

3.1- Choosing Music

Music is a vital part of a vid. Itcan make it, or break it. The most used genre is the Soft-Rock or Metal or whatever you call it. Bands such as System of a Down, Static-X and Korn are regulaly used. But really it all boils down to what YOU think will suit the video. If its a evil, hellish video, use something like Korn as mentioned. If its a fast paced, death-defying video, use The Prodigy or similar.

3.2- Assembling the Video

For assembling the videos you make, use a editor such as Windows Movie Maker to start out with. Once you get more ambitious, go on to a ULead product and when you really want to impress, get your hands on a copy of Sony Video Vegas.

3.3- Uploading and Posting a Video

This is were it all gets a bit tedious. Uploading takes a long time to do depending on your connection speed and the size of the video. On average, your looking at around 40mb for a 3-4 and 60mb for a 4-5 minute video. This is using the standard .WMV file type. Go for a .AVI file and you can be looking at 100mb+. Here are a few websites that are most commonly used for uploading vids:

www.thegamersalliance.com (requires registration)



As for posting, make sure you list details about the video in your topic such as length, size and quality so people can see what they are downloading.

3.4-Recording Tips

If you want to make an awesome vid, keep the environment in mind. Even if you do a simple krail, cameramovement and environment can make it into an awesome stunt. Try to make your "camera" look towards cool stuff when recording a replay.

4- The Crews

Stunting crews are basically a group of stunters who combine their stunts with their counterparts to make a video.

4.1- The Crews

Official list of GTAStunting.com stunt crews.

4.2- Getting Recruited

To get recruited, you need to stand out from the crowd. Following what everybody else does like sheep aint going to get you anywhere. Try making a vid with new stunts in, a new record or something that experts have tried and failed at. Try large combo stunts. Such as a bump to roof to backward stoppie to wall grab. It can be done. My defining stunt was a car grind, a type never done before. That single stunt got me into XSA, im sure. Auditions are a great way to make yourself noticed. Just make sure the crew are looking for new members.

4.3- Create-a-crew

If you dont fancy doing solo vids and dont want to follow the leader in a existing crew, you can allways make a new one. First you need a name. Think long and hard. That name will stick with you and your partners forever. Once you have one, you need members. People wont just join your crew straight off. They will want proof that you are worthy of a leader. Do this by making a vid with awesome stunts. You want people to beg to have in. Once you have 4 members or above your ready to start making vids. If your good enough, your vids will have huge audiences and will gain recognition from around the world. Crews that have achieved this are :aMpT:, .:vERt:., Addicted To Stunting and Zero Signal. Any vids with that trademark are bound to be inspiring.

5- Tips and Cheats


If your car flips over, and you dont want it to explode, rock it from side to side using the lean left and right button until it flips back onto its side.

To keep the NRG on the packer drive the NRG on the ramp, get into the packer and push the right analog stick up. This raises the ramp and keeps the bike on alot better.

Note; Dont put the bike on the bottom level it will get stuck.

When doing packer stunts make sure and get back in the packer after 5-6 attempts. The packer will disappear if you dont.

If you put the midnight cheat in, and then die it will always be 12:00.

To get a nitro shot right after one has been used just get out of the car and then get back in.

Need to find a vehicle? use this http://www.gtasanandreas.net/sam/

If you put in the gangs only cheat, and the reduced traffic cheat there will be no cars and pedestrians instead of a few cars and no pedestrians if the traffic cheat was used by itself.

5.2- Cheats and Mods

PS2 cheat

Wanted Level never increases- Circle, Right, Circle, Right, Left, Square, Triangle, Up. Don't want to get busted while stunting. Also for stunts that involve Area 69 and the Naval base.

No Hunger- Square, L2, R1, Triangle, Up, Square, L2, up, X. Don't want to see your hunger bar flash on the screen, it looks bad.

Maximum Vehicles Skills- Square, L2, X, R1, L2(2), Left, R1, Right, L1(3). If you are too lazy to max your stats.

Reduced Traffic- X, Down, Up, R2, Down, Triangle, L1, triangle, Left. Very helpful, you don't want to hit a car or ped as you are trying to stunt.

Gangs Only- L2, Up, R1(2), Left, R1(2), R2, Right, Down

All Cars Have Nitrous- Left, Triangle, r1, L1, Up, Square, Triangle, Down, Circle, L2, L1(2). Is your car out of Nitro? Put this code in.

Health/ Armor- R1. R2, L1, X, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up. You have to be alive! Enter this in a vehicle and the vehicle health is back to 100%.

Maximum Muscle- Triangle, Up(2), Left, Right, Square, Circle, Down. Too Lazy to Max out Muscle? Here you go.

Sports Car traffic- Up, L1, R1, Up, Right, Up, X, L2, X, L1. Need a fast car to stunt with?

Taxis Upgraded- Up, X, Triangle, X, Triangle, X, Square, R2, Right. Too Lazy to get 50 deliveries?

Speed Up Time- Circle(2), L1, Square, L1, Square(3), L1, L2, X. Hate the night time?

Sunny Weather- R2, X, L1(2), L2(3), Triangle. The Best weather to stunt in.

Midnight- square, L1, R1, Right, X, U(p, L1, Left(2) after you put this code in, die and it will always be 12:00. This combined with sunny weather gives you the best conditions to stunt in.

PC cheats

NATURALTALENT = Max All Vehicle Skill Stats

GHOSTTOWN = Reduced Traffic

SPEEDFREAK = All Cars Have Nitro

BIFBUZZ = Gangs Control the Streets

BUFFMEUP = Max Muscle

HESOYAM = Health, Armor, $250k

ASNAEB = Clear Wanted Level

AFZLLQLL = Sunny Weather

GUSNHDE = Traffic is Fast Cars

AEDUWNV = Never Get Hungry

JUMPJET = Spawn Hydra

ROCKETMAN = Have Jetpack

Xbox cheats

Wanted Level Never Increases- B, Right, B, Right, Left, X, Y, Up

Maximum Muscle- Y, Up(2), left, Right, X, B, Left

No Hunger- X, White, R, Y, Up, X, White, Up, A

Maximum Vehicle Skills- X, White, A, R, White(2), Left, R, Right, L(3)

Taxi's have Nitro and Hydros- Up, Left(2), Down, B, X, L(2), White, R, Black

Sports Car Traffic- Up, L, R, Up, Right, Up, A, White, A, L

All Cars have Nitrous- Left, Y, R, L, Up, X, Y, Down, B, White, L(2)

Spawn Jetpack- Left, Right, L, White, R, Black, Up, Down, Left, Right

Gangs Only- White, Up, R(2), Black, Right, Down

Cloudy Weather, Black, A, L(2), White(3), Y

Reduced Traffic- A, Down, Up, Black, Down, Y, L, Y, left


Buzzsaws Ultimate SA Stunters Package v3- a package designed especially for SA-PC stunters including SA Control Center, FP SARAH and a american.gxt with 'REPLAY' removed. Download it here:


Dannyes Main.scm Mod- A Main.scm mod that assigned keycodes to certain functions to make setting up stunts easier to do. It includes features such as car spawners, teleports and the usual array of infinite health, no wanted and so on.

Rapidshare.de Download ( Read readme before installing )

So there you have it, a full guide to stunting in SA. If you have any questions or comments to add, PM me. Or add me on MSN: [email protected]

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