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I'm not talking about the images of elite, mods, admins and all those things. But about those little gray blocks ((for normal members)) Starting from 1000 posts I think, non will be added. Adding more will clutter it a bit, so what about a bit darker shade.

Like let's say 0 is normal and the 1 is a little darker shade.



Later if you have let's say 1500 posts


Small idea. I think that would be quite nice, and not that difficult to do. :)

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So, if I understand you correctly, you wanting the darkness of the pips to change as they go alone. So the first is normal, and the last is really dark, that what you mean? Problem with that is IPB uses one image to make them, not different images for each pip.

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I understand your suggestion. When you reach a certain number of pips, instead of adding on more you double up on top of the existing pips.

It's not a bad suggestion, but as said above the way pips work is one image that is repeated X times depending on how many posts you have. As spaz suggested, you could have one image that has the light/dark pips on, but that would mean creating about 20 different pip images - possible but tedious (and you know Chris....)

The simpler alternative is just to give out fewer pips. The forum has grown loads since the rank system was modified - only two members had more than 2,000 posts, and now there are nine, and loads more have 1,000 posts - so those ranks shouldn't be at the top of the tree anymore.

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It's a nice idea, but it's not something I'd want to modify in the forums. I was actually thinking about hiding the pip images. IMO they are pretty pointless now.

1. You can already see the user's post count, do you really need graphical blocks to show this?

2. The area is cluttered, especially with the store and awards mods using them. If we add gang related stuff there too it will be even worse.

So that's why I think we could get rid of pips. Who agrees with me? And who would honestly say they'd miss having the pips there?

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I don't remember, are there limits on the size of pips? It would be tedious, but you could make an image with that many pips in it, then darken the first. Make another, and darken the second, also. It would work just the same if there isn't an image size limit.

If that means you just have to make a full new pic for each rank, I can do that. As long as the pips stay :)

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Why dont we get rid of the PIPS for Gang members and put a gang symbol there instead?

Thats what GTAF did with all the official gangs. They all got there own gang pip but that would mean that 3 new groups would have to created. I don't think Chris would do that. So don't count on that.

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