Vice City Gangs

Gang Name: Cubans
Turf: Little Havana
Clothes: White vests and jeans or black and beige shirt, jeans and black hat
Vehicle: Cuban Hermes
Weapon: Colt .45
Business: Resteraunt
Leader: Umberto Robina

Gang Name: Haitians
Turf: Little Haiti
Clothes: Blue 'Relax' shirt, white pants, white hat or purple vest, white pants, blue headband
Vehicle: Voodoo
Weapon: Colt .45
Business: Drugs
Leader: Auntie Poulet

Gang Name: Streetwannabee's (Sharks)
Turf: Vice Point
Clothes: Blue vests, red or white shirts, blue jeans
Vehicle: Gang Burrito
Weapon: Colt .45
Business: None
Leader: None

Gang Name: Bikers
Turf: Downtown
Clothes: Leather jackets, long beards, black pants
Vehicle: Angel
Weapon: If attacked, some will come after you with Colt .45's
Business: Protection
Leader: Mitch Baker

Gang Name: The Army
Turf: Fort Baxter Air Base Clothes: Camouflaged jackets, pants and hats
Vehicle: Rhino, Barracks OL, Patriot
Weapon: MP5, M4
Business: Being The Army
Leader: None

Gang Name: P.I.G'S (Patrol Invest Group)
Turf: Escobar Intl., VicePoint, a couple in LeafLinks.
Clothes: Blue pants, blue jacket with 'Patrol Invest Group' on the back, blue hats
Vehicle: Baggage Handler
Weapon: Colt .45
Business: Security
Leader: None

Gang Name: Golfers
Turf: Leaf Links
Clothes: Pink shirts, checked shorts, pink socks or White vests and pink shorts
Vehicle: Caddy
Business: Playing golf
Leader: None

Gang Name: Vercetti gang (Marios)
Turf: Anywhere where you have bought assets
Clothes: Blue shirt, whitepants, sunglasses or Multi-coloured shirt, bluepants, sunglasses
Weapon: Colt .45, Uzi
Vehicle: None
Business: None
Leader: Tommy Vercetti

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