Vice City Screen Captures

Here are a selection of funny/random screenshots I have taken mostly from the PC version of GTA Vice City, some are from my PS2. Click on the thumbnails to make them bigger.

Apartment 3C

Some pictures of apartment 3C, a room based on the room in Scarface

On the ledge above the Biker Emporium

Getting on the ledge above the biker emporium

I did it again and fell through it

Cement Shoes Men

There are two men in the water which can be found with 'cement shoes' on. These are both of them

The Chocolate Easter Egg

Pictures of the Chocolate Easter Egg

The Prawn Island Fountain Jump

Pictures of how to do the Prawn Island fountain jump, Found by me ;-)

Stuff Inside Vercetti Estate

All this stuff appears after certain events in the game

Stuff Inside Ocean View Hotel

All this stuff appears after certain events in the game

Seagull Sniping

How to snipe a seagul

Vehicles Inside Mansion

How to get your vehicle into a building

Underwater Stuff

A Submarine

A sunken boat, a replica of the one from GTA3 The other half of that sunken boat A sunken reefer

Miscellaneous Pics

Appears after completing G-Spotlight Appears between 23:00 and 23:59 on a building opposite The Malibu The Securicars say Gruppe Sechs on them sounds like Group Sex Billboard saying Take a trip to Liberty City on it

Swimming pool shaped like Rockstar logo

Swimming pool shaped like a bikini


Knight Rider Car

Black phoenix looks like KITT off Knight Rider

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