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Vice City Power Ups

This section will tell you how to find the health and armor powerups that are neccessary to complete the game without cheating. Some health costs 20 dollars to pick up, this will be indicated by a star (*). Also, some armor costs 200 dollars to pick up, this will also be indicated by a star (*).
Health Pickups
Ocean Beach:
- In front of the Ocean View Hospital. *
- In a small walkway just south of the Ocean View Hospital.
- On top of the 'Coin Laundry' building in front of the Police Station.

Vice Point:
- Dispensary northwest of El Swanko Casa. *
- In front of the Shady Palms Hospital. *
- Behind a dumpster northeast of Pay N Spray.
- On top of a staircase in one of the buildings with the basketball courts.

Prawn Island:
- In front of a fountain north of the Film Studios.

Leaf Links:
- On a small bridge behind the main entrance.

Starfish Island:
- Basement floor of the Vercetti Estate.
- On top of the helipad at the Vercetti Estate.
- West end of the Bridge that leads to Little Havana.

- In front of the Schuman Healthcare Ctr. east of the V-Rock building. *
- On top of the Schuman Healthcare Center east of the V-Rock building.
- In front of the shack on top of Ammu-Nation.
- On top of a small hill in the dirt bike track.(Trial By Dirt, not the one in the arena)
- In the dispensary just east of 'Rock City'. *

Little Haiti:
- 'Ryton Aid' dispensary just north of the Pay N Spray. *
- On top of a crusher in the junkyard.

Little Havana:
- In front of the hospital just north of Cherry Poppers. *
- On top of a building just southwest of Cherry Poppers.

Escobar International:
- In the airport terminal (second level).

Vice Port:
- Under a ramp attached to the northernmost ship at the docks.
- On a ledge under a staircase south of the boatyard.

Body Armor
Ocean Beach:
- Ammu-Nation. *
- On top of a staircase north of Pay N Spray.

Vice Point:
- Ammu-Nation in North Point Mall. *
- In a pool just behind El Swanko Casa.
- In front of the 'Standing Vice Point' building just south of the Malibu.
- In the northwest corner of an orange building south of '3321 Vice Point'.
- Behind a white building east of the 'Well-Stacked' pizza joint.

Prawn Island:
- Behind a fence in front of the Film Studio.

Leaf Links:
- In a "bunker" on the northwestern area of the golf course.

Starfish Island:
- Basement Floor of the Vercetti Estate.

- Ammunation. *
- Behind the building south of the Greasy Chopper.

Little Haiti:
- On the Print Works' roof.

Escobar International:
- In a parking lot just east of the airport behind a ramp and some cargo boxes.

Vice Port:
- In front of the white building just west of the blue ship.

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