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Welcome to the GTA: Vice City weapons page! As you may notice, there is a ton more weapons than GTA III includes. Though, in Vice City, you don't get the excitement of the AK47, which is a shame, but now you can enjoy a Grand Theft Auto game which includes the all new melee and other great non GTA III included weapons. The list below contains all of the weapons that can be found throughout Vice City, and at the same time, explains the weapon's performance, what it's like (in the game), or just plain and simple how great the weapon actually is. Great for you "strategists" out there. Why don't you take a peek?

Slot 1 - Camera
The camera is only available in the mission "Martha's Mug Shot", but while you have it, try to take as many pictures with it as you possibly can. In your stats, there is a record for how many pictures you've taken.


Slot 2 - Fists
Sure, not the best weapon in Vice City, but if you want to be a man and just whoop some ass with your bare hands, we understand. Nothing better to do that with other than you good ol' fists.
Brass Knuckles
The brass knuckles are an upgrade from your bare, bloody fists. They do more damage. Instead of many swings of the arm, you only need one or two swings with these metal fists of fury.


Slot 3 - Melee Weapons
The screwdriver looks to be just some joke, but this little thing can damage vehicles and kill people. Pretty impressive. The screwdriver is really fun to play around with mainly because of that fact. You can find screwdrivers being sold at tool shops all over Vice City.
The hammer is another melee weapon that can kill people and destroy vehicles. Though not as impressive as the screwdriver, (mainly because of the common sense involved), the hammer can do a lot more damage faster. The hammer you can also buy at a local tool store.
Golf Club
Nothing like whacking poor pedestrians with the thick metal of the good ol' golf club. A good weapon to defend yourself with while being chased by the law in the golf course. (provided that you ran out of weapons and not a cheater.)
Night Stick
If you're crazy enough, you just might want to take the dead police man's night stick instead of his Colt .45. If you do, you can have the guilty pleasure of beating pedestrians over the head. Very, very fun.
Baseball Bat
Similar to the golf club and night stick, the baseball bat is a good weapon for beating people over the head.
Unfortunately, you can't slit pedestrian's throats (like in San Andreas), however, you CAN hack them up. This is funnier than the nightstick.
Meat Cleaver
The meat clever is like the infest's father. Instead of hacking cow and pig meat, these "Vice City Meat Cleavers" hack up human flesh. No one better to demonstrate this action other than Tommy Vercetti, a crazed man indeed.
The machete is just like the knife and meat clever, but with this bad boy, you can really do some damage. Try it out yourself.
A Samurai sword. You can literally hack pedestrian's heads off with this toy. When it's in Tommy Vercetti's hands, it's referred to as "a Samurai sword on crack".
The chainsaw is the baddest of them all. If you give as much as a simple rev of its low-horsepowered engine, people are screaming. Very scary indeed. Good thing YOU are the man with it, though. So you can enjoy it.


Slot 4 - Projectiles
A regular frag grenade that can be thrown up to approximately 30 feet maximum. This grenade is used for many U.S. forces tasks. It blows up in a total of three seconds. Just enough to run away from the blast. It's a good weapon to use in crowded areas. Of course, that's mainly why grenades exist.
Tear gas
The tear gas is a gas that's ejected from its shell when you throw it. Again, good for crowded areas, but the assurance of killing with this grenade are low. This tear gas can only be found behind the Police H.Q. in Washington Beach.
Molotov Cocktail
When this hits the ground from a powerful throw, flames burst out. Similar to a phosphorus grenade, but it happens in an instant. Make sure you don't throw it close to yourself or you, too, will go up in flames.
Bomb & Detonator
The bomb can be planted into your car at 8 Ball's bomb service in the dock area of Vice City. Simply arm the bomb by pressing the "attack" button. Then, anytime from that point on, you can blow the car to smithereens. If the grenade just isn't working, plan ahead and use the car.


Slot 5 - Pistols
Colt .45
This pistol is very common, though, it's usually found with police officers. The forty-five caliber pistol can kill a pedestrian in approximately three shots minimum. If you need a weapon just to be armed and safe, purchase a cheap Colt .45, or just kill one policeman and take his. Either works fine.
Colt Python
The .45 Colt Python is just a regular revolver. It only carries 8 rounds at a time, but it can kill just about anybody with one bullet. It's also very, very powerful. Psychotic killer Tommy Vercetti can barely handle the kick.


Slot 6 - Shotguns
Chromed Shotgun
The least favourite shotgun. Why? Because it's another police-carried weapon. They can be found in parked police cars when you enter them. (Providing that they're not locked on you.) The gun isn't all that terrible, though. This pump shotgun can still kill just about anybody with one blow.
Stubby Shotgun (Buddyshot)
Though not as fast as the SPAZ-12's firing, this shotgun can still put a well sized hole in somebody with one blow. A good weapon for taking self defence against the law.
SPAZ-12 Shotgun
This gun is probably one of the most destructive barrel gun in the game.


Slot 7 - Sub-Machine Guns (SMG's)
The Tec-9 is not a very fast-firing machine pistol, but it's clip capacity is the greatest of all of the machine pistols. A great choice in huge fights that include low-powered weapons.
Ingram Mac 10
If you want a fast-firing gun, this thing would be your best choice. With this baby, you can run and shoot at the same time. One of the most impressive guns in the game. Did I mention it was cheap too?
Uzi 9mm
For you cheaters out there, this gun is only available from a store or your own "Mario" gang. This popular sub-machine gun really kicks some ass in Vice City. Not as exciting or rapid-firing as the Ingram Mac 10, but it has enough power to finish off eight people in 2 seconds. If you find or purchase an Uzi, make it last.
MP5 Long Version
The MP5 is used in many U.S. forces operations, (Just like the grenade and M4 assault rifle.) but usually only the Navy or Marines actually use it. Another fun gun to mow people with.


Slot 8 - Assault Rifles
The ruger is not that great of a gun. Plain and simple. If you use it to arm yourself in low-supply situations, it's understandable, but if not, don't even bother with it. The first person aiming is not that great, but it's even worse when the gun's firing power is slow.
Colt M4
The Colt M4 is yet another military-use assault rifle. The first person aiming is just like the ruger, but the M4 has a faster firing speed and better firing power than the ruger. It's a good gun to use if you have acquired three felony stars and below, but any higher, you might want to break out the heavy metal listed below.


Slot 9 - Heavy Metal
Rocket Launcher
This is the gun you want to use in a four or above felony star situation. Just aim and fire. BOOM! Whatever you shot at is instantly gone. I hope that explains everything.
Colt M60
Another gun you can't acquire by using cheats. This M60 is also a military gun, but isn't used by anybody but Tommy Vercetti in the game. All it takes is one shot from this machine gun and you've got yourself a kill. (For those tough situations with the cops, it just takes approximately three to five shots with this gun and the car explodes. Very useful indeed.)
If you want to fry your pedestrians instead of just flat-out killing them, this is the king "torture" weapon. The ammo for the flamethrower goes fast so be efficient. Just fry if you absolutely need to.
The "king" weapon of Vice City. As much as a streak of bullets from this mini-gun, will simply annihilate anything in your way. The cops might want to change their mind about the chase when they see you whip this thing out of your pocket.


Slot 10 - Sniper Rifles
Sniper Rifle
For those people who you just can't reach, but want to kill for some reason. The firing range on this gun will strike a pedestrian without him or her even knowing what hit them. A very fun weapon.
PSG-1 Laser Sniper Rifle
This sniper rifle is just better than the other one. Not only does it have a better aim, it as lo has a better range. If you have to decide between sniper rifles, this should be your choice. (Please note that there is really no difference between the two snipers other than the two things I just mentioned.)


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