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    The GTX460 - as mentioned above is considered one of the best bang for buck cards on the market. There's so many variations to suit a wide budget range so that's where I'd start.
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    Don't get me started on generic shooters. It doesn't matter how much merit either of them warrant as games, they'll both sell like fuck because 90% of the player base are idiots. Show me something truly innovative Activision / Treyarch have done in the last 5 years other than stamp out cookiecuts of the same game going to the same people and I'll eat my hat.
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    MW3 and Battlefield 3 always looked like shit. And the GTA V trailer isn't even out yet what's wrong with you -.-' [your comment on over-hype here]
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    Can you just shut your mouth for once? If you don't like GTA, GET OFF THE GTA PLACE. Fucking hell.
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    Yeah, right. I'm the one without a life here. That is why I've created a shitty GTA forum copying the entire fucking layout from GTAF, then creating accounts with usernames of people from GTAF, then creating topics and talking to myself.
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    Oh, where should I start? Notorious mod thief. Banned from GTAF. Went on to create 100+ accounts trying to sneak in and lying all the time; got banned everytime. Tried to unsuccessfully impersonate another member after having managed to guess his password. Had a prank played on him where he thought the staff were going to make him an admin. He even went to the extent of sending us a lovely picture of himself which currently hangs in the private forums. Extreme fun was had. And by the look of things over here, he hasn't stopped lying. The dude needs to get a life. Seriously. I had sort of forgotten about this place since I didn't have it bookmarked on my laptop. But things are good. I hope everything's going well at your end too.
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    hahahaha. I'm sorry but that is fucking hilarious. I hope you guys know who this idiot is.
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