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    Get a better PC. And upgrade to Windows 7 if you haven't already.
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    What do you guys think? As a side note the guns aren't AK-47's. They are Norinco Type 56's with a silencer. Also, the couple can be seen about three times in the trailer together. Also, they are in a big house with a dog, just like the main character stated. '
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    SA vwfypro > VC wfypr This is one that I do not think that I ever uploaded anywhere, partially because that fur coat thing was a pain in the ass to work with and partially because I was never sure what to do with her to make her a bit more sexy. Gave this little number a bit more exposure up front. Smoothed out the lumpiness in the model. Turned out fairly well I think, but have not tried her out in the game yet.
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