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  1. I'm pretty sure for the next title Rockstar is going to reuse the new engine they developed for GTAIV. They won't have such a heavy load on them and a new game could be released within two years from now. As most of you know this is exactly what they did with GTA3; They released VC a year later. and two years later came SA. They know the positive outcome of a PC version, won't worry about it. It's coming.
  2. Then you obviously didn't see the source in that topic was bogus.
  3. I've seen in game footage, it looks like only panels / bumpers are damaged on impact. I was hoping the frame of the vehicles would take damage.
  4. I really don't see the problem with pissing in the shower. The soap that runs off as you clean yourself should take care of any urine remaining.
  5. The controls will take some getting used to. I'm annoyed at the lack of real damage to the vehicles.
  6. As soon as I get the game I will probably take care of the pressure build up in my testicles from my overwhelming excitement. THEN play single player.
  7. 22" Samsung Lian Li PC65-B XFX 780i SLI Motherboard Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 3.0GHz Quad-Core 4GB Corsair Dominator DDR2 1066 150GB Western Digital 10krpm Raptor 37GB Western Digital 10krpm Raptor 500GB Western Digital 7200rpm Thermaltake 750W PSU 2 x Evga 8800GTX Creative Audigy 2 ZS
  8. Yes / No......I didn't realize so many people had a computer in their shower to watch porn.
  9. That could be true. But the truth is an average 130 plant species are lost every day due to deforestation.
  10. Discoveries of plants in the tropical rain forest have been used to develop prescription drugs for fighting diseases of all types. Too bad it's all being chopped down!
  11. In celebration of James Earl Ray Day, I made a brownies and topped them with a dark, creamy icing. After scarfing that down in delight, I got in my white pickup truck and made the hike to Philadelphia. I then spent a few hours driving through the suburbs, lashing a whip at the residents I passed, and occasionally aiming at pedestrians who I felt, did not belong. While I was getting myself a cheese steak, I slashed the tires of a 1988 Buick that some brownie was driving. But, I tried to be caring, considering they're still 1/3 a person. So I tossed some tobacco for the locals to chew on. All in all, I had a fun day. Post what you did to celebrate this wonderful holiday. God bless James Earl Ray.
  12. Well, I didn't know what the Medal of Honor was for
  13. Most Knowledgeable (GTA3): Most Knowledgeable (GTAVC): Most Knowledgeable (GTASA): Most Knowledgeable (GTALCS): Most Knowledgeable (GTAVCS): Best Stunter (San Andreas): Best Stunter (Vice City): Most Respected Member: Urban Outlaw Most Respected Mod/Super Mod: Chris82 Most Helpful Member: Most Improved Member: TMâ„¢ Best New Member: Mishom Most Intelligent Member:Chris82 (age) Funniest Member:Spaz The Great Most Original Username: me Biggest geek:Gerard Most Random Member: Chris (msn conversations ) Most unique member:Spaz The Great Best Avatar: wheelman101 Best Signature: Best Graphics maker: Best Writing (creativity forum): Best Topic Starter: Medal of Honor: Urban Outlaw Userbar Whore: hunter8888 Weirdest Looks: Spaz The Great
  14. There's been a few since the production started 10 years ago. This is a teaser they released today.
  15. It looks outdated already. Honestly at this point I don't care, I just want to kick some ass. If you want a good laugh: http://www.clipta.com/play?v=86b71e2da9acfe4fbd19
  16. Oh god....if the apocalypse happens, I'm taking shelter at your place.
  17. I agree. If we keep this up, there will be awards for all of us.
  18. If you haven't seen it on Digg, 3Drealms is releasing a teaser at 12pm CST today. I'm not sure where it will be released, maybe http://www.3drealms.com/duke4/
  19. So what's the story here?
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