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  1. The thing I liked bout it was they kept the first one to a believable level, Paranormal but still believable. No shit like a burnt undead psycho killer,etc. You keep wondering if there is actually anything scary in the movie ,, But when it hits you! it hits you hard! That said for me all the hype ruined the scary-ness of it. Its a pretty good movie though(Which I won't be watching alone in the dark/night .. Yea i'm a pussy fuck you!) 2 is going to be way more intense. The Baby, the dog,everything!
  2. Woah! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2KD98IMk5E&feature=related Its bout 15mins past 12.. I shat bricks.
  3. EvoLuTioN

    Medal of Honor

    @Llama: Fair enough mate (My balls are still annoyed bout people questioning their existence) True, The thing I found annoying bout the BFBC2 multiplayer was the really slow level ups, I think MoH has that too? Also what are the kill streak rewards in MoH?
  4. Some quick 5mins stuff.. Will sit down and make some more when I have the time. Edit: Fixed the Borders.
  5. EvoLuTioN

    Medal of Honor

    The Single player looks pretty nice, At least from the gameplay I've seen. Multiplayer looks alrite too.. Nothing special or innovative(eg: Squads in BFBC2). Still gonna wait for the reviews to pop up. Most likely gonna borrow the game or "steal" the game..
  6. EvoLuTioN


    Ah right.. This makes so much more sense, I confused this with the Microsoft default game and was wondering What's up with the sudden craze for minesweeper. Looks like a pretty fun game.
  7. Yeah I realised that after going through the article again(refer Edit 2). Assumed that the player had to pay a fee to play on dedicated servers. My bad
  8. Is Grand Theft wiki is merging with TGTAP (the site) or joining the TGTAP network? I'm confused. Forgive my ignorance, I haven't been to active around here.
  9. http://www.computera...e.php?id=264375 Fukin Activision.. Always knew that there was a catch.. Edit: Why is my post showing up all broken? Edit 2: Nm, Didn't really read the article right. Damn CVG exaggerating stuff.
  10. Sounds good sir. Looking forward to it.
  11. +1 for nostalgia Got Pharaoh on Saturday. A real brilliant game, Used to play the demo back in 1999-00.
  12. Aha Yea, Didn't notice that. Now I feel bad bout ruining it. Hah its the same with with too, most of my friends are non-gamers. Thanks for the sign up btw/
  13. tl:dr version: Razer are giving away a shitton of gaming peripherals cause they reached a L33T no(133,337) of fans on facebook. To be eligible you have to invite 10 other people. So umm.. my registration link http://l33t.razerzon...f2ba34a482bfc14 Use it to sing up, it takes less than 2mins(Seriously) =)
  14. Got the twitter android app working.. Brilliant

  15. just loved Chromeo - Fancy Footwork http://awe.sm/5B3pD on @hypem

  16. There are a couple of preorder deals here offering the MOH TShirt along with the game. Wondering if I should get it now or wait for the reviews. Btw heard they took out destructible environments and Squads system from the MoH multiplayer? Is that true? Really liked that in BC2.
  17. Haven't bought anything gaming related lately, Saving up for all the Oct-Dec Releases.
  18. Post 'em wires.And go thru some three point lighting tuts for better lighting(?) of your scenes/models Here's one to get you started
  19. Mmmm,...android ... Shiny =)

  20. just loved Does It Offend You Yeah! - We Are The Dead (Error Operator Remix) http://awe.sm/59wG8 on @hypem

  21. Yea its an individual thing but Dexter is just BRILLIANT, 4 seasons of consistent BRILLIANCE! Very highly recommended. Season 5 premiers on Sept 26, Complete the first 4 seasons before that Nate.. and watch out for spoilers.
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