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  1. Yea yep.. thats true.. I don't think I've ever seen/know anyone using Hindi(Or any language other than English) on the Internet.
  2. You could merge all/Selected network sites with the TGTAP forums. Different domains for the front page/home but the articles,etc are posted from here? Centralize the forums so Chris doesn't have to develop/manage 5 different communities. More games = more news = more active members?
  3. I did single/couple of words at a time while checking the grammar. So yeah actual language knowledge + google translate = Quite reliable. I did the underlining,etc. Will do the guest one in the morning, Translating in hard work when you have to do the text part too.
  4. Returning user Version. Used my elite hindi skills and Google translate for the text. Will do the Guest version in a bit.
  5. I think it was because we were all talking bout what a huge sausage fest the site has become. Probably thought we were trying to get girls to join the site or something.
  6. Pink Tgtap was awesome.. We got covered by a couple of news sites too yeah?
  7. Other than the driving the broken multiplayer(PC) SR2 was really fun. Loved the customisation and random side mission. It had the right mix of a good story and crazy shit missions. Good stuff.. looking forward to Sr3.
  8. Eastern Europeans eh? No screenshots or history of the tweet does make the story seem sketchy. Print Screen is usually the first button you hit when you come across such things.
  9. State Troopers on tele. Good shit is good.
  10. Ah Brilliant! Watching shit live.. One of the reasons for me wanting to move to Europe. =) Haven't really been following the Europa league tbh, Last I heard Liverpool was out. Will try and catch the Benfica match if I don't have a test the next day.
  11. Yeah.. Don't really see that happening as long as Abramovich's around though. CL quarter final draws are out. Chelsea vs Man Utd Madrid vs Tottenham Inter vs Schalke Barca vs Shakhtar ManU fans are gonna go bloody full retard if they mange to beat us in any of the three matches. Bayern vs. Inter match was bloody retarded. Didn't expect them to be out so early, so disappointed.
  12. Black ops on Steam. Got Prestige 1 last week and Level 27 now.
  13. Bask in the force young ones, for thou shall need it in the battle cometh.
  14. Does seem for the best if it means more time spent developing TGTAP. Maybe move those sites to the network archives or something.
  15. Ah.. Finally some news. About time we heard something bout the next GTA. Probably gonna have to wait over a year or two after the announce it for the game to come out but atm something this minor will do fine too. So Rockstar announces its games at tech shows or do they have their own press conference? GDC 11 anyone? and Lifeinvader.com - A LifeHacker spoof?
  16. Yeaahh.. Well we're probably getting a new manager and new team this summer. There have been rumors going around of Mourinho making a return.
  17. FFS Chelsea lost again. I really hope they manage to qualify for the Champions league.. Maan this seasons been shite..
  18. Step 1: Get the PC version, You can't mod the console versions of the game.
  19. True, The front page needs more activity, Will probably get the users to be more active and not think the sites been abandoned. I'm willing to help out if theres a position open, Been posting at AlanWake.co.uk (*Cough*Plug*cough*) for sometime now, etc.
  20. Speaking of Gurus.. The group color really ought be a lil' darker, Its barely visible against the white background for me.
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