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  1. TGTAP and GtaForums are not really connected neither do we have any problems with 'em as such . We have our own small community of Gta lovin' casual gamers. =)
  2. I think it had something to do with the iPB 3 update. Just request a staff member to do it the post for you.
  3. Changing it to something Red and > than 2inches. OH SNAP!
  4. Update 3: Smoothed out the body and added the analogue stick thingy. Things are going really slow atm, got a lot of other not as interesting projects going on too ..so yeah..
  5. Naah mate, The serial killer. Weird how so few of you are aware of this epic show. Such a shame.
  6. Get back in the kitchen woman!
  7. just loved Ke$ha + Katy Perry - Tik Tok California Gurls (DJplaceboing Mashup) http://awe.sm/58i4o on @hypem

  8. Dexter Season 5 Preview. MAJOR SPOILERS, DONT WATCH IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED THE EARLIER SEASONS! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUbCMbW-BRE&feature=channel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUbCMbW-BRE&feature=channel *Drool* Also a Dexter discussion thread, I though we already had one.
  9. Good Job @Samsung_Mobiles not supplying the Spica in the Indian market, Now I'll never get you use an Android device. =( #Sadness #Spica

    1. Damjan


      That phone blows.Get a Motorola Droid, if you want to experience the full quality of Android.Also, if you want to see android from closer, there are VMWare and live CD's available.

  10. Modeling it in Autodesk Maya, I'll add the strings after pretty much everything is done as its not affecting the basic shape or the modelling process. Haven't worked on it too much since the last update.. Been busy with other stuff.
  11. Thanks mate, Did a bit of work on it last night
  12. Just an update to show what I've been upto. The Gibson Les paul. Still pretty basic shape, Bout 2 hours work. LOT of detailing to do, Not sure if I'll be texturing it. Comments/Crits etc.. Edit: Can one of you Mods change the Topic name to "Evo's work", Can't seem to find the edit button on the first post. Thanks
  13. Is trying to understand NBA =/

  14. Thats pretty nice, Your perspective is a bit off other than that it looks good, keep practicing. Try doing some perspective drawing (1 point, 2 Point) You'll develop a better understanding of the lines,vanishing point, etc.
  15. I see Gerard is on the Grand Theft Wiki staff, Did you two merge up?
  16. ROFL Germany won 4-0. Nuf said!
  17. Uruguay Vs. Ghana was probably the best and most unpredictable match in World cup 2010 so far.
  18. just loved robyn - Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do (Mylo & Sharooz Mix) http://awe.sm/58320 on @hypem

    1. Damjan


      that song is awesome :)

  19. Brazil's out 2-1..Uruguay Vs. Ghana next. Germany vs. Argentina tomorrow, Its gonna be massive.
  20. just loved Matt and Kim - Daylight http://awe.sm/582zI on @hypem

  21. @LolLookEvo =)

  22. The IT Crowd Season 4 ^_^

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