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  1. Rumors or have they officially announced that?
  2. I think its being developed on the new engine. Wish they'd release some gameplay vids soon.
  3. Discuss your 2011 gaming wishlist, which all games are marked on your gaming calender for this year etc? Mass Effect 3 and Deus Ex are the major names for me this year. Both their trailers look effin brilliant, and knowing the previous games in the series they ought be brilliant too. Other's on the list are Arkham City, Crysis 2 and Assassins Creed: Bro-hood. With rumors of the CoD MP going subscription based and Activison just being evil in general I don't think i'll be getting the next one. Battlefield 3 is probably gonna be my this years military shooter.
  4. Damn .. Scrubs, Is that show still running? Thought season 9 was the last one.
  5. Hope they announce RDR for Pc before that. ..And maybe some more updates on Max Payne 3.
  6. Happy new year mates. Hope its better than the shite one which just went by. God bless Edit: Damn .. Didn't see the official topic there. Merge/Close,etc
  7. Darksiders was another brilliant game this year. The game needed some more promotion though, If it hadn't been for my mate I probably would even have know that such a game existed.
  8. Mass Effect 2 for me. Intense stuff!
  9. Lol i haven't lost a single drink off. Just keep moving the mouse, not too fast not too slow. They stop eventually.
  10. New Staff, Competitions and Focus on the gang system again(Thats what got me to join here) or some other new feature. We need proper active staff, Admins(Junior admins),Super mods,etc. I've noticed this on here and couple of other forums I used to be on, Once the staff go inactive the community start dying out. Competitions should help get the members active again or add new active members to the mix. Get Rockstar to send over some goodies,etc to give away. I don't think they'll mind. The Gang thing just to keep people interested till theres news bout a new GTA. Theres only so much new staff and competitions can do. Been part of the community for almost 3 years now, Not giving up on it. Hope things work out.
  11. I just used #Shazam to discover Into The Fire by Thirteen Senses. http://shz.am/t40533477

  12. I just used #Shazam to discover Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. http://shz.am/t354056

  13. Yeah.. Its kinda annoying. Black ops probably has the best campaign in the CoD series. Haven't played much of the zombie mode, playing with strangers ftl.. When are you getting the game?
  14. Lol You've obviously not played Fifa Yea like I said.. its CoD. They cannot change a whole lot with out losing the identity of the game. MoH went arcade style from the Bad Company 2-ish style of MP gameplay and see what happened there. And being the underdogs, Treyarch would catch flak no matter what they did. Still they may not have added much to the combat but there are lot of other cool stuff to do when you're not killing people.
  15. Well its CoD! How innovative can they get with it? Its not like they are just selling Mw2 with a new maps and a few kinks ironed out. They have the Cash system, Zombie mode, Wagers matches, character customisation, etc. Also there were tons of pre release gameplay vids, If you didn't notice the similarities then, then you're just a dumbass. No offence.
  16. Did you really expect something drastically different?
  17. Laptop cooler.. And Naah.. the game should run fine on Core2Duo's considering its using the same engine as WaW. Memory leaks and what not is causing the lagg/freeze issues. Treyarch are gonna roll out a patch to fix that. Edit: http://www.callofduty.com/board/viewtopic.php?f=71&t=313146&sid=t0718kra1aeddbjtvnbibjusp4
  18. http://kotaku.com/5687423/la-noire-explores-the-subtleties-of-crime-with-nuanced-digital-actors New Trailer
  19. ^For People who don't know why that is so funny. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qyQIKd_B68 Nah its just a bit more glitchy than the 360 version.Getting it this weekend, a patch should be out by then hopefully.
  20. Check out Rafter iPhone app with ‘new themes’ from @punflay on the AppStore here http://bit.ly/emantras

  21. Do you mean interview people from the people related to the GTA series(Rockstar, voice actors, etc) or members of the forum? You could use the TGTAP Chat for live interviews. Decide on a base set of questions beforehand(5-8 or so depending on the time limit), Setup the interview in chat, Let the interviewee answer one question.. users and interviewee discuss on that for x minutes then next question and so on. Sorto like a debate.
  22. Zombie modes been confirmed. http://www.codblackopsnews.com/2010/10/15/black-ops-on-gametrailers-tv/ Check out the new GTTV episode. A lot of new Block ops footage.
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