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  1. My 2013 assumption is based on Rockstar's previous marketing campaigns. Its safe the difference between the date they announce something and the actual release date will be well over a year. They had just the teaser site for Gta4 up for what, 2 years+? Between SA and Vice City, IMO the smaller one is more likely. That or they may use only one city from San Andreas. I don't think current gen conslols will be able to run an updated version of SA.
  2. There have been rumors of it being in development for sometime now but a next year launch is highly unlikely, 2013 is a better estimate considering there has been no official word from Rockstar on it. Was hoping they'd announce something at Gamescom, don't think that's gonna happen though. @Tuner Piss off you lil' twat.
  3. Its been the opposite for me, vanilla Gta4 run quite decently with almost all setting maxxed out. After the first few patches I had to turn down shadows and draw distance, etc. Does not compute.
  4. Why haven't games been ported to the Mac all along?
  5. hyee thgta[!!!1

    1. Chris


      What you smokin bro?

    2. JustADummy


      Evo. You better share

    3. EvoLuTioN


      Gah! lol.. my pc needs drunk me protection.

  6. Completed Mafia 2 the other day, such an awesome game.
  7. I don't think I can pull off a tattoo. Yours is looking pretty cool though, good job on it.
  8. Try posting in there? It doesn't refresh the page, so it seems like the post hasn't gone through.
  9. The post button may be bugged. Check the currently playing thread.
  10. Btw .. the post button is not bugged just for me right? Everyone seem to be double posting in this thread.
  11. Oh well.. Playing a bit of Op Flashpoint: Red River and EFLC mp.
  12. The new skin is a massive improvement over the previous ones. Fine job, good sir. Btw clicking on any of the titles in the Awards tab give a fatal error, the font of text at the bottom of the page does go well with the new colours and wheres the recent posts page?
  13. On which system are you play Borderlands? On which system are you play Borderlands?
  14. Calendar, chat and Award tabs redirect to Forum home. Is there a change log somewhere for the upgrade? Seems like a lot of work for just the black bar and a couple of changes. Anyways, Lemme know if you guys need any help with the skin.
  15. Mass Effect 2 F'YEAH! And why is Alan wake not a game?
  16. Must have been the deal for the day thing.
  17. A bit off topic, Is here a decent community created multiplayer mod out for Gta4? Something like MTA/Samp?
  18. +1'd TGTAP!.. AWWW YEAAA

    1. Chris


      I love you man.

  19. It was on all the major gaming news sites/blogs.
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