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  1. Where were you when they raped our woman and took our children??!!11? WHERE I ASK!
  2. You know where that one Android vote came from. A mobile version of the site would be pretty cool too, Considering most site apps are just app versions of the mobile site.
  3. So Chelsea signed Torres and Luiz for 58.5 and 25mil. Can't wait to see 'em in Chelsea colors. This weekend is gonna be intense.
  4. Anyone following the transfer window deadline day? Its going Crrraaaazzzyyy. Andy Carroll to Liverpool for 35mil Torres almost signed with Chelsea for 50mil. Less than 3hours till the window closes.
  5. Woah..This one actually looks pretty. And 4 core.. How do they cool these portable processors?
  6. Well I'm talking bout starving people who are physically capable and mentally capable to steal shit. You're telling me that you'll don't even have a janitors job for such people?
  7. If you're poor and capable of stealing get a damn job. Taking other peoples stuff is just wrong.
  8. Damn LA Noir is only on console. Ffs Rockstar.
  9. Well i'd rather not mix up what I do for fun with what I do for the moneyies.
  10. Not sure mate, Gimme your id.. ill go add you if i havent already.

  11. On topic: After schooling/Getting my bachelors, probably gonna work for a while, get some experience then get my masters in the field I'm comfortable with (Finance or marketing atm). Was planning to go to film school but a hobby as a full time job just started to seem wrong after a while.
  12. Been good man.. 20 is starting to seem like a good year.

    How are thing with you?

  13. In Soviet TGTAP you don't love forums, Forum loves you.
  14. Looking good sir, People have started posting again.
  15. We don't really have as many active members to do the first and third on the list. Could probably put up the private forums once the community gets active again, but doing it right now seems like a bad idea. The 2nd seems like a nice way to get the people to post, but I see it working better the way Llama said it. Don't really have much to add right now. May think of something later.
  16. @Matt: Yeah Oblivion is probably dirt cheap on retail here by now. Will pick it up the next time i go game shopping.
  17. The Crash zoom in to NPC is the same like in Fallout 3/NV, yeah? Its sweet that they fixed that. Was always weirded out by that.
  18. Is it a new character/new story like the Fallout games or do I need to have played the earlier games to understand whats going on? Somehow missed out on Oblivion, I'll get to it eventually though.
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