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  1. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  2. Take Two and Valve are gonna be at Gamescon .. So maybe something there.
  3. Anyone else getting The Joker vibes from this?
  4. Hey baby! Do you have girlfriend Vietnam?
  5. Happy Birthday mate.. have a good one.

  6. Whats the difference between DnB and Dub?
  7. I think its more of a camera shake than blur.. which is probably what one would be doing while secretly snapping pics of a preview build of a game like Gta. And are custom map mods possible in Gta4? Haven't been following the mod community as much. I can't remember a place with tree like that and what looks like a pool and that building there in the game or expansions.
  8. EvoLuTioN

    GTA 5 Screens?

    Source I'm a bit(Very) sceptical bout them TBH. Rockstar would never allow this to happen for one and I don't think they'd name the game Gta 5 either(based on the series/engine naming).
  9. Yeah there's that. But not doing a proper autopsy and other FBI'y stuff on the body of the No. 1 world terrorist?
  10. Gta gurus were the forum leaders right? or am I missing something here?
  11. Did you extract the zip and then run it? If not then do that.
  12. During the download? Print screen/copy paste it. 'Stupid error' is not as helpful as you'd think it is in figuring out whats wrong. Downloaded and working fine for me.
  13. http://www.zmodeler2.com/?mode=downloads
  14. Anymore? You could do it when you made the first post? waitwut?
  15. I lol'd hard after reading this thread. Thank you sir.
  16. Been using the Logitech Mx518 for a couple of months now, Been awesome so far.
  17. Welcome to the internet, its a magical place.
  18. The login id is the one you gave them during registration, Couple of month later they came up with the custom domain so I'm guessing thats your account id.. And display name is the display name.
  19. Chris's id http://steamcommunity.com/id/LazyPyro You have to search for the Display name, kinda silly though considering people keep changing that.

  21. Add the TGTAP Group link and Team Fortress 2 up there too. My Steam ID http://steamcommunity.com/id/LolLookEvo Gimme a buzz if you wanna do some Zombie killing or muck about in TF2 etc
  22. EvoLuTioN

    Portal 2

    I like how the TF2 Team snuck in and added hats to it.
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