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Status Updates posted by EvoLuTioN

  1. Wooo The IT Crowd Season 4 =D

  2. ..Like a madman sir!.. LIKE A MADMAN!

  3. Your link is the reason Im going to hell.. well atleast one of 'em

  4. haha Cheers nigra, 19 Feels so old..

  5. Aye buddy.. going good I guess, ssup at your end.

  6. Happy birthday donny

  7. Happy Birthday buddy ... =)

  8. Nuh huh.. JB as in jail bait porn!

  9. Change it to MattJB!

  10. Happy Birthday nigraa.. Have a good one :)

  11. Mattzerilla!!! Welcome back sir.

  12. Happy Birthday young one!

  13. Oi Done! Awesome you have Tf2.. Get your butt on that, We should do a session sometime!

  14. Yessir.. He's a badass pig..

  15. Happy Birthday mate.. Have a nice lil' sweet 16 party :)

  16. Happy birthday sir, Hope you have a good time :)

  17. Had 41+ hours on Steam last week, Spent a lot of time on it for the new Tf2 goodies. Don't think i can do better than that. Usually its around 30-35. What's your steam ID?

  18. Haha, I'll probably have more shit to do from next week, College starting on the 8th. Go out and be social instead of gaming for 25+ hours, You should find a nice girl ^^

  19. Ah Its cool.. Haven't been too active either. Nothing much going on on my end, Classes/studies the usual :/


  20. Slappy cockday to you =)

  21. Happy B'day sir :)

  22. Your page has a fine view


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