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  1. oh!! i get it!! fuck Er...sorry for the double post!! tought it would auto merge itself!!
  2. How the hell did you write f*ck?? DAMN!!!
  3. er...that would have to be me!! I didnt think anyone noticed it!!
  4. Thank you!! but I love someone else!! someone with boobs and no weenie!!!
  5. It is for the whole forum!! Havent you noticed all the loving going on in the flame topics???
  6. Th guys I like In cricket: Kapil Dev Rahul Dravid In tennis: Sania mirza
  7. I love I love you I love it I loveing I loveed up
  8. How do YOU know that silberio dosent have a dick!!???
  9. I heard they are going to lock her up again!! YaY!! They should put up cameras in her cell and record footage,I want to see that spoil bitch suffer!!!
  10. ^^lol Someones been a naughty boy!!
  11. Shes released already!! @MrLlamaLlama : lolz, reminded me of the simple life episode were she tries to get the shopkeeper to give her 100bucks worth of stuff by offering him to press his nipple:D @Huck: I lol'd btw can I call you huck???
  12. ^^lold!! The stig was funny!!!
  13. I love angelina jolie!!
  14. Aww...man now Im damn hungry!!I didnt have anythng to eat since morning!!
  15. She's released!! damn that bitch!! @Jace: haha I pwn you at porn!! @urbanoutlaw: Actually around 50hours of non stop porn
  16. Is that really needed???
  17. Should I get Abrams M1A1 tank or a soviet T-80 tank?
  18. Looks tasty!!! Btw I get morning wood too!! .....cool!!!
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